freeza oya shizuka

Oya Shizuka wearing a “Hello-Kitty” face pack

Watch as Oya Shizuka is transformed in Dragon Ball villain Freeza!

“Facepacks” are just one of many cosmetic items that allow A48G members to keep up their perfect complexions. Characer Facepacks are a recent trend, in which the normally plain white facepacks are colored in to resemble popular characters.

What does this result in? It’s just as you might suspect!

It should have been a cute transformation, but many people made the comment that she looked like a “masked wrestler” or Dragon Ball’s “Freeza”, and not at all like Hello Kitty.

First there were Kabuki facepacks, and now there are many more available, such as animal facepacks and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure facepacks. Last year in November, Japanese company Asunarosha released the “Hello Kitty Facepack” into the market, along with those in the style of Funassyi, Rascal the Raccon, and Attack on Titan.

You might also recall Renacchi’s facepack adventures when she tried to Funassyi facepack:


Iwasa Misaki and Fujie Reina also join in the Facepack shenanigans:

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