Useless #24: theater accidents, Sugamoto Yuko’s tongue, Komiharu’s confusion, Yuumin’s play

We will share with you you some very, very important information today! …. actually, just kidding! This information is again useless! I hope you have some to watch: an HKT48 theater incident, Sugamoto Yuko’s tongue, Komiyama Haruka’s lettuce confusion, and Ishida Yuumi’s playtime.

Accidents happen, as we all know, and some are more unusual than others. Check out this “accident” in HKT48’s theater:

Imgur GIF

Next, let’s turn our attention to a former member of HKT48, Sugamoto Yuko. People may have mixed feelings, as she left the group for possibly controversial reasons.

It seems that she is still very cute!

Speaking of cute, let’s again switch our attention, this time towards AKB48’s Komiyama Haruka. Besides being forced to not call herself “Komi” by Dr Paru-Tarou, it appears she also has another secret.

From a recent episode of AKBingo, which featured the member’s parents talking about bad habits that should be corrected:

komiyama haruka

What is Komi’s bad habit? A quote from her mother: “Even now, she does not know the difference between lettuce and cabbage.” Oh my!

Lastly, we see NMB48’s Ishida Yuumi having some fun with her fellow members:

Yamaguchi Yuuki 01

Yamaguchi Yuuki 02

Yamaguchi Yuuki 03

Yamaguchi Yuuki 04

Yamaguchi Yuuki 05


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  • Isaias ZayZay Rodriguez

    The look on the guards face,I lost it.XD

    • reika

      Probably I would watch in the same way!

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Hahaha the guard tbh, the HKT theatre tbh XD