AKB48 2016 Official Calendar available for pre-order

It’s like an annual tradition that a new official AKB48 Calendar should go on sale, and this year is no different.

It seems this year is going by so fast!

There is not much information about the calendar this year, as it still seems a little early.  Previous year calendar’s usually centered around a theme, but no information has been released yet, other than that it goes on sale on December 18th, 2015.

There are also no official photos released — just a few from the 2015 calendar.  Even so, some have noted an interesting difference

First, the one shown on Amazon’s listing:

akb official calendar main

Some have noted that Shimazaki Haruka and Kojima Haruna seem to have disappeared! Another image here:

akb official calendar

And also, it seems the number of members from sister groups is really notable: aside from Mayuyu, there are no other members of AKB48 (Kashiwagi is technically an NGt48 member now?).

Author: reika

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  • Sam

    I’m still trying to forget the 2014 and it happens that we’re just 3 months away from Christmas…Jeez!! Life needs to calm down! hahaha

    • reika

      Yes, it’s very true^^ It feels like summer just finished, and now it’s almost end of the year. New calendar goods and Takamina’s last single!

      • Sam

        Oh! Almost forgot Takamina’s graduation T^T

      • LilytheRed

        Don’t forget AKB 10th anniversary album !

  • h36113

    I always think NGT = no good

  • LilytheRed

    Kashiwagi is kennin so it’s okay (y)