A very serious Yukirin Wota appears!

This Kashiwagi Yuki wota shows true dedication, as he prepares himself for the battle that is waiting in line at the signing event in Osaka!

A recent 2ch thread starts very simply: a wota dressed like Rambo, covered in Yukirin goods makes his appearance. Observe:


Again, here is just a slightly closer look:


Clearly, this fellow surpasses common wota and casts aside all shame, clearly in the pursuit of supporting his kami-oshi! One could argue that he is only missing some NMB48 neck ties, though Kashiwagi has since been transferred to NGT48.

Onlookers from 2ch comment on the unwavering attitude of this brave soul:

  • “I can feel his extraordinary determination”
  • “I guess he’s heading to the battle front, haha”
  • “This is true courage”
  • “It’s refreshing that he’s gone this far. The clothes suit him”
  • “This is an honorable man”
  • “Is it just me who thinks those Kashiwagi goods look like explosives?”
  • “It’s Rambo!”
  • “So this is the descendants of Samurai, huh”
  • “He’s got a Kashiwagi headband, a Kashiwagi cape, Kashiwagi chain mail, and black, thick-rimmed glasses”
  • “Legendary Equipment”

What follows afterwards is a photoshop battle, after one notes that this wota’s stance seems a little familiar….






Author: reika

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  • Sam

    LMAO xD He is all like

    ”Bring it on, I’m ready!”

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    OMG his serious face hahahhaa