Miyawaki Sakura: I have no friends

Oh, Sakura-tan! On a recent episode of Mujack featuring Yamamoto Sayaka and Takahashi Minami, Miyawaki Sakura relates her lonely existence.

While she is not busy crying in the bathtub, Sakura also visits amusement parks and aquariums by herself!

Video is included just for reference (No English subs), and the segment where they are eating and talking happens around the 10 minute marks.

Takamina, Sayanee, and Sakura are starting to eat, when Takamina asks, “Who do you normally eat with?”

Sakura replies, “I’m always alone.”  It’s then that Sakura tells them the fact that she goes almost everywhere by herself.  Almost immediately after, Sayanee simply asks, “Do you have any friends?”

It’s then Sakura reveals: “I have no friends.”

miyawaki sakura no friends

Takamina lightens the mood by scolding Sayanee, and it’s then that Sakura presents some of her reasons for friendlessness.

“It’s easier being by myself.”  Sakura also started HKT48 when she was in middle, so she apparently also has no former friends from high school, and none in her hometown of Kagoshima.

Osakan’s are known for their friendliness, so it’s no surprise when Sayanee says, “We’re friends from today!”

miyawaki sakura no friends

If you have not read Sakura’s response to AKB Cafeteria-san, it might be worth a read and is relevant here.

Author: reika

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  • It’s not that surprising. She doesn’t spend enough time in theater to really bond with team KIV regulars. Members she spend the most time with are all stars and from other sister group, so it’s also difficult to create bonds.

    Not talking about her family and childhood friends being from Kagoshima, which is at the other side of Japan compared to Tokyo. Her busy schedule doesn’t help at all to make friends in Tokyo itself.

    Maybe it was misspelled though. She does have friends, but she can’t hang out with them as much as Nagisa would with Shuu for example. I mean, Shige will be always there for Sakura, i hope she realize that.

    • LilytheRed

      I immediatly thought about Shige too !

  • Enrique Santiago

    Maybe this is stupid and nobody will care but…

    Yesterday i read this post and i say “well i don’t have friends too, and i don’t need any” and i was happy with that.

    That day in the night i was playing “world of tanks”, suddenly one guy invites me to join in a platoon and i say “why not”.

    it was very fun, we chat, we destroyed many tanks, and after a few plays, he send me an invitation of friendship, and i accept.

    When i went to sleep, i kept thinking ” i think its good to have friends, maybe i will try to make some friends, maybe… someday.”

    Anyway, i really like the website, especially the useless news, and im still waiting for the “Lonely Ol-chan series”.

    P.d: Sorry for my bad english.

    • Payuyu Fortyeight

      i’m happy for you ^^

    • ghost

      I also play world of tank
      Maybe you can give your IGN and we can also play together……(asia server)

    • reika

      Thanks for comment, I’m happy you can make a friend (^_^)

      I’ll ask @yukimite about OL-chan!

  • Isaias ZayZay Rodriguez

    I don’t have any friends either…but that one day the people who will be considered my friends will come…Sakura so so strong and mature,one can’t stop looking at her as a role model.Moving to a new city for work without knowing anyone from the region may seem scary,but sooner or later you can find those friends in your workplace that’ll make you feel welcomed.I recently transferred to a new highschool where I barely know anyone…So I can relate towards that feeling of solitude in the beginning now I’m starting to make friends,who’re very kind,I cheer Her on and not solely as my oshimen but for the truly strong and mature person she is…頑張ってさくらちゃん!^ω^)

    • reika

      I’m glad you are making some friends now!


  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    I think sakuratan has friends back home but maybe she’s not that close to them, more like casual friends? it seems like sakura is a shy quiet child too. Maybe she would end up like shimada haruka, sakura’s circle of friends would be 48G members mostly ^^

  • Nguyễn Kim Giang

    I want to be friends with you and everyone your fan :3

    • reika

      Too true!!

      • Nguyễn Kim Giang


  • Peace&LOVE

    Maybe she have not friends because Sakura give the impression of be just egocentric & fake and care just about herself.

  • Peace&LOVE

    Maybe she have not friends because Sakura give the impression of be just egocentric & fake and care just about herself.