HKT48 Goto Izumi Graduation

Goto Izumi announces her graduation

Here is a translation of her graduation announcement speech, where she explains her reasons.

“I am graduating from HKT48. I’ve come into my 3rd year of high school, and I want to continue onward to college. For the last three years, I’ve juggled school and my life here in HKT48. In order to prioritize my studies, I’ve decided to walk down a different path.” (私はHKT48を卒業します。高校3年生になって進学をしたいと思うようになって、やっぱり学業をこの3年間をこっち(HKT48)の活動に回してきたので、学業優先をするために進学するために別の道を歩んでいこうと思うようになりました)

“Honestly, these last three years, rather than focusing on myself, I’ve focused on the members, who I really love, and I worked hard for my fans. From now on, I want to work hard for myself. I want to try my best down this new path.” (この3年間正直、自分のことよりメンバーが好きでメンバーのためにファンの方のために頑張ってきました。これからはちょっとでも自分のために頑張っていきたいなと思ったので、私はその道で頑張りたいと思います)

“Like I’ve always said up until now, I want to continue onward with a smile on my face. My time working in front of you, as an 18 year old, has been really short. But I want to try my best to make you glad that you had encouraged me. Please continue your support. Thank you very much!” (私はずっと言ってきたように笑顔で頑張りたいなと思っているので、18歳はみなさんの前で活動できる時間はすごく短いかもしれないですけど、最後まで推しててよかったなと思っていただけるように精一杯頑張っていきたいと思いますので応援よろしくお願いします。ありがとうございました)

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  • toyNN

    Always liked her and one of my fav HKT48 members. But not that surprised to hear of her graduation announcement – she never seemed all that happy being an idol. Thanks for translating her announcement!