Useless #26: Izurina Jackson, scary photos, Annin’s cool beauty, HKT air conditioner

I will sleep soon. Sleep is very useful! Unlike this post. but please enjoy! Today: get a glimpse of Akimoto Sayaka’s successor in Izuta Rina, take a look at some scary member photos, the beauty of Iriyama Anna, and the poor conditions of HKT48’s dressing room.


Izuta Rina shows us her fashion sense in a recent photo:

izurina jackson

It’s Michael Jackson! Or maybe not?

Honestly, there is only one great impersonation of Michael Jackson in AKB48 history. It needs no introduction, but here is a photo and video of Akimoto Sayaka:

akimoto jackson

Let’s look at something that seems a little more scary. First, take a look at this?

akb scary

See anything funny here? Take another look here:

akb scary


And just for no reason, because this is useless information, here is another maybe “scary” photo?

akb scary

It’s no secret that Iriyama Anna is quite a beauty. Here’s some recent photos of her from Yukirin’s twitter feed:

But, it’s amazing that Iriyama Anna’s beauty even shows through… when she’s passed away!

iriyama anna majisuka gakuen 05

iriyama anna majisuka gakuen 04

iriyama anna majisuka gakuen 03

iriyama anna majisuka gakuen 02

iriyama anna majisuka gakuen 01

I will end with a simple question: what happens when the air conditioner breaks in the HKT48 Theater dressing room?

The answer of course is: CRAZY HAIR!

Akiyoshi Yuka (秋吉優花) Yukachan (ゆかちゃん)
HKT48’s Akiyoshi Yuka


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  • LilytheRed

    Maybe that’s Takaminus’s legs in the first scary picture haha

    • reika

      lol, I thought it’s Yuko, but I was scared when I first notice!

      • LilytheRed

        Yeah the chibi squad !

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Usou darouga! XD that’s some members legs alright man i’m so weak when it comes to this kind of stuff lol

    • reika

      I thought maybe it’s Oshima Yuko because she is so tiny!

  • Nguyễn Kim Giang

    Wow. thumbnail so very beautiful :3

    • reika

      Yes it is!!

      • Nguyễn Kim Giang