Useless #27: sitting, sitting, fondling, listen to Sasshi

There are so many comments to reply-to, but no time for that! I promise I’ll reply later.  Right now it’s useless time!  Today, let’s enjoy some sitting, members getting boob fondled, and then take some time out to listen to Sashihara Rino.

There’s nothing more fundamental than sitting.  I remember Kawaei Rina and Paruru sitting as well.  Lately, other members are sitting too!!

Yukari Sasaki sits down:

yukari sasaki

Online commentators note her very reflexive stance as she is deep in thought.  She’s in “wise person mode”.

Takahashi Juri has also been known to sit down on occasion.  But there’s something special about being captain:

takahashi juri sits down
Juri, like a boss.

When she sits, all her junior members come and massage her.  She clearly has some great leadership skills to have such loyal junior members.

There are some idols who never forget their cuteness, even when they sit down:

mukaichi mion sits down

Wow.  Perhaps Mion is just naturally cute without trying.

There are really no words for this, but it’s no secret that idols are placed in many interesting situations for the pleasure and entertainment of us adoring fans.

Here is how Kitazawa Saki intends to entertain us:

Imgur GIF

So many hands (o_0)

Sakkii is not the only victim here:

Imgur GIF

I am still trying to make sense of this scene. It’s like the mystery box except with an entire member inside!

A Japanese comedian walks into a ramen restaurant, and is greeted by the following:


Here is a closer look:

sashihara rino

Sashihara is too cute as usual! It’s funnier that the tagline says, “Will you listen to what I say?”


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    Ahahaha the sasshi one is so funny what was that some AD? the miion one was so cuteeee <3

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    Lol Hillary was aiming for it.

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