Akimoto Yasushi’s favorite member? Miyazaki Miho!

Are you familiar with Myao?  You might have seen her in the last Janken Tournament doing cosplay as Koume Dayuu, and she is Akimoto Yasushi’s favorite member!

Courtesy of Aki-P’s 755 feed:

akimoto miyazaki miho

Fan question: “Akimoto-sensei, right now, is there a member that you really like the best?”

Akimoto: “Miyazaki Miho”

That’s… unexpected, as a few online commentators have noted.  As Myao expressed during her entrance in 2015’s Janken Tournament, she used to be called “next generation ace”, but it seems she has stepped out of the spotlight a bit.

She is part of 5th generation, which had many great former and current members, including: Kitahara Rie, Chikano Rina, Nito Moeno, Ishida Haruka and, of course, Sashihara Rino.

And also, her impression of Japanese comedian Koume Dayuu was hilarious!

MIyazaki Miho

Author: reika

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  • 終わらない夏休み

    Takamina also admitted in weekly playboy that recent AKB senbatsu needs “a lone genius” Myao.

  • h36113

    Myao is amazing!
    She knows what she´s doing, she is funny, she looks awesome, she did some great sketches in both Bimyo and AKB Konto, and she is knows for her good MCing.
    And have I mentioned that she´s cute?

    • reika

      I think so!! I also wish they would make more BImyo episodes.

      Probably one of my scenes favorites with Myao:

  • Isaias ZayZay Rodriguez


    Did anyone else see that on YouTube AKB48 is not allowed in the USA? I try to hear their music but it says not available in your country…I think it’s the Trans-Pacific partnership.

    • h36113

      It´s got to do with YouTube RED, the paid service they try to set up. https://twitter.com/NewSchoolKaidan/status/658059538407538688

      • Isaias ZayZay Rodriguez

        Daily motion, Vimeo,niconico,and proxys seem to fix the issue a bit.I miss the PVs though ;3;

    • reika

      Yes, I just noticed recently. And don’t worry about #offtopic. It’s big news!!

  • Mai Hiro

    Wow, amazed that Akimoto himself acknowledges Miho. I always felt that she is the most underrated, underutilized and under appreciated member ever. She has the most stunningly beautiful eyes and the cutest mouth; her beauty is really striking and her talent and wit are so under appreciated– If you watch the amusing “AKB Ranger” skits you’ll notice that she always seemed to be having the best time–always barely or not at all able to keep from cracking up. And she was killer in “Shojuki” battles. Why they didn’t feature her more and continue to ignore her is beyond me.

  • I thought Akimoto liked Takamina-