Paruru’s new fashion photo book with special promotion event

Shimazaki Haruka is releasing a new photo book, “Paruru no Subete”, focusing on her fashionable looks and personal effects.

The book goes on sale one November 20th, 2015, with the theme focusing on Paruru’s fashion sense.  The first 20 pages showcase her own personal clothing, and subsequent scenes in the book feature her other fashionable personal items.

The most interesting thing is probably considering the audience for this new book.  There is a special handshaking event for people who purchased the book, but it is limited to females only!

Perhaps the intended customer is not so much as idol fans, as it is fashion-conscious females.

Promotional photos follow:

paruru shimazaki haruka 01

paruru shimazaki haruka 02

paruru shimazaki haruka 03

paruru shimazaki haruka 04

paruru shimazaki haruka 05

paruru shimazaki haruka 06

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Female japanese locals are so lucky x( they’ll be able to go there, learn fashion tips & shake paruru’s hand! foreign female fans are crying right now..oh wait that’s probably just me x_x

    • reika

      Yes!! It’s hard being AKB fan outside of Japan sometimes.

      Maybe my heart would freeze if I saw Paruru in person!