Stories about AK48 members and their armpits

This is almost useless news!  Sashihara Rino reveals an interesting complaint from fans who attend theater performances, and other interesting armpit-related stories.

On a recent episode of Japanese TV show, “Momm!!”, Sasshi reveals one of the more interesting complaints that fans send over to the management: that, my friends, of our beloved idols armpits.

First, a mini Japanese lesson:

ワキ(waki) → armpit

Very useful vocabulary!

According to Sasshi:

akb48 armpit 01

“During theater performances and such….”

akb48 armpit 02

“… we’re in really close proximity. And we do a concert everyday”.

akb48 armpit 03

“So some of the fans say….”

akb48 armpit 04

“So-and-so-chan’s armpit hair have been growing.  Please tell her to be careful of that.”

I guess fans like less hair in armpit?  I didn’t even notice.  In some darker regions of the internet, that’s quite a fetish!

There’s also a very interesting video (Japanese only, sorry), where Sasshi describes some of the armpit-related stories:

Some of the more interesting ones:

  • Members are more careful shaving their armpits before theater performances.  Lots of sleeveless outfits!
  • When Sasshi appears on a variety show, she is less careful. However, if someone really cool or handsome is going to be a guest, she shaves.
  • Members hold “hair pulling meetings”, when they need help pulling hairs from each others armpits.

2ch offers their photos for reference… though it seems little more than a spectacle of member with their arms raised.  For your viewing pleasure:

akb armpit 01

akb armpit 02

akb armpit 03

akb armpit 04

akb armpit 05

akb armpit 06


It’s amazing what these girls do to keep their fans happy.

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    omg why is this funny to me hahahahha the armpit pictures tbh hahhaha! XD they are humans too so armpit hair grows & that’s normal lol the fans are funny