AKB48 Happy Halloween 2015

Halloween is big with the 48-groups this year.  I suppose that makes sense given this year’s single.  How are you enjoying your favorite idols in cosplay?  Here’s a round up and summarization of costumes we’ve seen!

The fan service is strong this year.  Here are akbzine’s staff favorites:

  • Jerry: “Takamina. Why? …umm, no comment. *wink*”


  • Yuki: “Mariyagi! I’m so hungry, aaaaaaaaaaah!!”

mariyagi halloween eat me

  • Reika: “Mayuyu’s Anna from Frozen”.  Does this count?

mayuyu anna

What are you favorite costumes? (^^

Author: reika

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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    My favorites are paruru’s & tomu’s!! XD

  • Jack

    Mayuyu makes a great Anna!

    • reika

      YES! Finally someone agrees! lol (^-^)

  • h36113
    • reika


      Seriously, that beer with the beer bottle is pretty funny. I wonder if anyone recognized her — it seems like they’re in public restaurant.