Useless #28: Crazy eyes, creepy wota, foreheads, Sashihara Mai

Halloween is over.  There is a lot of interesting news recently — but I’m not sure if this post is one of those things!  What’s uselessly noteworthy today?  Today we look at eyes, crazy wota, the foreheads of HKT48, and Shiraishi Mai. Or Sashihara Rino. Or Maiyan. Or Sasshi.

Crazy eyes.  There is no real explanation.  What’s going on here?!?!

On a completely unrelated side note, did anyone watch Watanabe Mayu’s appearance in “Elevator” #7?

I thought here eyes were very expressive. Or maybe too many close ups of her face (certainly not a bad thing!).

watanabe mayu
“What am I looking at?!”



Even when she’s scared, she’s too cute. But it’s even better when she smiles:

watanabe mayu wonda 01

watanabe mayu wonda 02

watanabe mayu wonda 03

watanabe mayu wonda 04

Okay, enough of that for now!

Occasionally we see some crazy antics of wota now and again, and occasionally the fervor of fandom takes over to the point when shame is no longer an factor.

Here, an enthusiastic wota holds up a sign to his oshimen who is on stage:

creep otaku 01

Well, that’s nice… but… wait, what does that sign say?

creep otaku 02

The sign says:

“Boobs” → ♡


The formula for cuteness?

HKT48. Foreheads. All the foreheads.

And while we’re at it, maybe some other foreheads too:

hkt48 foreheads 01

hkt48 foreheads 02

hkt48 foreheads 03

hkt48 foreheads 04

Here’s a picture of Nogizaka46’s Shiraishi Mai in a recent magazine.

shiraishi mai sasshi

Huh?! Wait, actually that’s Sasshi.

…. oh wait, actually that really is Maiyan. Or maybe it’s… Sasshi?

Okay, really, I think it’s Shiraishi Mai. She sure has changed.

Sorry Maiyan!

shiraishi mai


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  • h36113

    NMB had foreheads in recent history, too.
    Yamamoto looked cute.

    • reika

      Right of course! Some girls have a complex about foreheads it seems!

  • Jack

    Lol that looked like Maiyan’s face with Sasshi’s hair. And I guess her signature beauty spot was not as prominent. :O

    • reika

      haha yes it’s so true. I thought it was Sasshi at first, but it was actually Maiyan. Maybe the shape of the face threw me off, I don’t know!

  • LilytheRed

    huu I want the Idol’s snapchat T-T Hirari have it too but

    • trash

      LOL i thought i was the only one who wanted hirari’s snapchat
      and their LINE accounts!a lot of members hide it

  • Sam

    I have to say it, japanese wotas are on another level lol.

    The doppelganger of Sashihara really shocked me O_O

    • reika

      Sometimes Japanese wota seem strange, but one must admire their dedication lol

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    Lmao the wotas XD the members could also see that msg clearly & their faces up close they’re too near the stage XD immamura maria’s so tiny and cute ^_^ but i was kinda shocked of maiyan resembling sasshi a bit lol i think it’s the hair? lol

    • reika

      Me too! I thought Maiyan and Sasshi’s face are totally different, but I guess just the right position, lighting, etc.