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akbzine kansha-sai giveaway

Kansha is the Japanese word for “thanks” or “appreciation”.   Despite not keeping the site as up-to-date as we would like, there are still many visitors.  We would like to thank our readers with a giveaway!

UPDATE: This giveaway is no longer accepting entries. Thanks for entering!!

Thanksgiving recently came to pass in the United States, and after getting time off work, celebrating over too much food, I began to think about the things that I am thankful for.

Amongst other things, this site and the AKB48 fan community came into mind.  I’m thankful that I could be a part of it. I’m also thankful to everyone who still sticks around here, despite our returning to real life and not devoting as much time.

As a token of appreciation, I’ve decided to do a reader contest / giveaway / raffle / prize thingee.  I’m not sure how to put it.  Here are the rules for entry:

  1. Leave a comment, and answer the question: what are you most thankful for and why?  Could be AKB48-related or not.
  2. Ideally one entry person only please – I’ll be monitoring IP addresses and emails to weed out doubles, but I obviously can’t keep track of everything.  Just please be honest.
  3. Winners will be chosen completely at random.
  4. This contest will end on December 12th, 2015, 9am PST.  Winners will be chosen the next day.
  5. You must be comfortable with sharing your full name and address with me.  How else am I going to send you the prize?!

Speaking of prizes, what will they be? Glad you asked! I’ll be giving away copies of AKB48’s latest album, which came out last week.

The first winner will receive: 0 to 1 no aida Complete Singles Collection.


The 2nd winner will receive: 0 to 1 no aida Million singles


The 3rd winner wil lreceive: 0 to 1 no aida No. 1 Singles.


I think that just about covers the contest details.

Thanks again everyone!


Author: jerry

Sometimes editor. Sometimes translator. Mostly a proofreader. I like Japan and things.

  • Bri

    I am most thankful for my friends because they’re always there for me, even in the toughest of times.

  • reika


    • Ah ha!! Good try, but staff aren’t allowed to enter, silly 😛

      • reika


  • Ruka-pyon

    I am most thankful for AKB48 because without it I would have never been a part of my beloved cover group LUV48! The girls in that group have all been there for me through some really tough times and I’m so glad to have met all of them!

  • Chloe Hjy

    I am most thankful for my family, even tho they sometimes makes me mad but they really care about me. And of course I’m also thankful for 48G because their songs made me feel confident. Takamina inspired me the most <3

    • Hi!! You’ve been randomly selected as 1st place winner for this giveaway. Please get in touch with me when you can! email : [email protected], or send me a message on Facebook (

      • Chloe Hjy

        HI! OMG I JUST WOKE UP AND SAW YOUR MESSAGE >ww< , I replied your message on Facebook~

  • Ren

    I think I’m most thankful this year (besides being grateful for my good health and loving family, which not everyone is lucky enough to have) for all the chances I’ve had to make new friends and learn about other cultures since becoming a fan of AKB.

  • Tan Pei Kai

    Hi, First of all, thank you AKB Zine for the all the great subbed video you have done for us. I believe you benefited many English Speaking Fans who does not know Japanese.

    I am thankful just to be alive, experiencing new stuff, and living in a first world country. Thank you

  • Andre

    I’m thankful for all of those AKB48 related blogs (of course, akbzine as well) that have allowed me to stay informed and up to date with news, events, or just random things. You guys rock!

  • skuf

    I’m thankful for salt and paruru and the combination they make when you put them together.

  • yuki

    Dude bro, you’re alive!

    This is technically not an entry (since I suppose you’d consider me staff), but I’m thankful that I’m relatively healthy and life doesn’t suck that much. Also, video games.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    I’m thankful that I discovered and got hooked to AKB48 and then I met Paruru lol because they inspired me to be a better person and i’m also thankful for my fellow foreign AKB fans that keeps spreading the 48G word and lastly to AKB-related websites like AKBzine cause websites like this helps the fandom to be alive 😀

    • Hi!! You’ve been randomly selected as 2nd place winner for this giveaway. Please get in touch with me when you can! email : [email protected], or send me a message on Facebook (

      • Payuyu Fortyeight


  • Bakamidget48

    I am thankful for the fact that I found the 48 group this year. I actually only found out about them in May but ever since then, I’ve obsessed with them… Especially Takamina and Sayanee 😀
    I’m really grateful that there are translators out their who don’t mind giving up their spare time to translate videos or texts for us, the people who don’t understand Japanese, so that we can watch and enjoy the 48 group as well. <3

  • DXTakamina

    Thankful not just being able to go to Japan this year but saying goodbye to Matsui RenA as well at Toyota stadium. Went to both days ^^

  • Kevin Trejo

    I’m thankful for Youtube because it made me discovered AKB48 and since that I know it feels to be a fan. I listened to every song they made (I think haha ), watched every single episodes of Akbingo (still watching) and now I cant pass a day without knowing whats going on with them (news, media, senbatsu, etc.) Before Akb, I was already a big fan of Japan and was hoping that maybe i’ll be there someday but now I definitely want to go there and first thing i’ll do is to meet them in person that is a must haha. OH and by the way I’m also thankful to Akb48 group because they revive my soul and fill me with positve thinking. ( Mayuyu love ya!!!! )

  • Emma Evans

    I’m thankful that I got a scholarship to study abroad in Japan next year ;____;

  • Shane Merritt

    I’m thankful for all the fansubbers that helps me enjoy all the content out there, and all the people in my life who are there for me.

  • Enrique Santiago

    I am thankful that i discovered AKB48 and Mayuyu, that made me want to keep on my dreams and goals (finish the school, being a writer, work and live in japan, meet AKB48 and my oshimen), because before know AKB48 i didn’t had goals and I didn’t want go to school and i was happy.

    After i met mayuyu, and when i saw her speech on the 6th senbatsu, she made me realize that i had to do something with my life. Now i really want to keep studying and work in something related with AKB48.

  • Tim

    I am most of all thankful for my two children and that I can spend time with them every day.
    AKB-related, that I got to see Tomochin live in concert.

  • Coolgirl11935 nicole

    I am most thankful for Akb48 because discovering them has made me see a new aspect of my life, watching them try their hardest everyday makes me happy because if someone said I couldn’t do something I would give up but they have to go though that every day and follow their dreams but they keep on trying. I’m thankful for Akb48 for giving me courage.

  • Minami-san

    I am most thankful to: 1) my family, as they are always there for me: I thank my mother for always listening to me and my problems and giving me useful advices, my sister for always cheering me up and my father for being strict and inciting me; 2) my closest friends, who are always helpful to listen to my concerns and worries, but also to joke around and to talk about our passions, even if not in common; 3) AKB48 and its big family. I discovered them in 2012 and until then I’d never met a group who caught me so much. I really adore all their songs, as their cute outfits, all those Kawaii girls, those energetic ballets, their scenic effect. Listening to their songs, even if sad, makes me feel alive and happy to be born, they can really relieve me. The efforts of every girl makes me want to do more too. And, above all, I love Minami Takahashi: she’s so beautiful, so small and tiny, it makes me want to squeeze her, but she especially has a great personality, strenght, willpower and… Voice, yes, she has a low but crystal clear voice. Thank you for existing, I will miss you.

  • roen

    I’m thankful for my pets. I have two cats and a dog and they’re such precious creatures that add so much to my life. As far as 48G, I’m thankful that my ni-oshi, Kaotan, has had such a great year!!

  • Gero Hoonie

    I am thankful for my friends, as they are have friends with me for 3 years and they are the one who made me discover and loving AKB48. I am grateful for all they have been doing with me and will do with me from now on, they are the one who support me and laughed with me and also gone through hard times with me.

  • Chenny June

    I’m grateful for a lot of things, I guess, despite the things that often go bad in life. I guess I’m most thankful for two things. The first one is having my friends now, they accept me for who I am and we share the same interest. I feel comfortable with them and I do not need to hide my emotions. The second one is the chance to enjoy beautiful art created by wonderful people, for example AKB’s music. What I like the most about AKB’s music is the passion I feel resonating from it, and some of the music videos have a really great concept. These things are the source of my energy mentally, so I am grateful for that.

  • bumb

    I am thankful for my family, friends, and of course sites like this that translate various akb news so I can keep up with the group. All of these helped made my life enjoyable and looking forward for more enjoyment in the future.

  • Qwink

    I am thankful for my relative health and of course family and friends. And I am also thankful for AKBzine staff that is doing such a generous contest / giveaway / raffle / prize thingee. As it stands now we have whopping 11.5% chance of winning anything! I like those chances 🙂

  • Debi Cristy

    I am thankful for my best friends, can’t really express my feelings clearly though since they really make me happy and comfortable. Life sucks and everybody knows it, but it’s good when you have your own shelter and light (aka your true friends) right? To be able to share my thoughts and interests with them is a bliss, including my interest in AKB48!

  • Chaconne

    I am most thankful for God and for my family in that they always provide unconditional love for me no matter the circumstances. I am thankful this website exists because it has plenty of great content regarding AKB48 and related groups. This year has been my first year as a fan and I’m looking forward to what next year will show us. Thank you for reading!

  • fransfebri

    I’m thankful that my mom and dad are healthy. Hopefully they will stay healthy for a long time because I want to repay their kindness for as long as possible.
    Also thanks to Okada Nana. Because of her I became a lot more interested in AKB48. Without her I would be stuck with i the old gen members which are graduating.

  • Bee. ✯

    I am thankful for my family for always being able to support my crazy dreams. They also support the fact I am obsessed with AKB48! It’s hard to find people who appreciate and accept you for your likes and hobbies, so I’m glad I can find that place at home. I am also very thankful for AKB48, they honestly give me life! A person can become very depressed when they don’t have anything to look forward to or any passion that keeps inspiring them to keep going. AKB48 is one of my biggest inspirations. They make me want to work harder and be better… And so far, I’ve only covered and performed to J-POP songs under their name. It’s weird, but they give me energy in my daily life. So thanks AKB48 for brightening up my world!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    – Bee.