yukirin kashiwagi yuki 柏木由紀

Where did that cool Yukirin wota disappear to?

One can argue that using “cool” and “wota” in the sentence is an oxymoron! That does not stop the wotas of 2ch from speculating about the whereabouts of one of their own.

There are some wotas amongst the Japanese idol fandom who may be considered more popular than others – perhaps they appeared on TV, or were inconspicuously filmed at a fan event and then found online.

So, who is this “cool” Yukirin wota?

Oddly enough, we have seen him before! He was featured previously on this site. If you don’t remember, here’s a little refresher:

kashiwagi Yuki wota
Very serious business.

As luck would have it, and as 2ch is wont to do, this wota features pretty prominently due to his stance and demeanor, as we can see here:





A few new entries since the last time we saw him:

kashiwagi wota, akb48. 柏木由紀 ヲタ

kashiwagi wota, akb48. 柏木由紀 ヲタ

Whether you consider him “cool” or not — that’s up to you to decide. But even as I witness the strangest of wotas, one cannot deny how passionate they are as fans.

Let’s hope that we see you again, Mr. Yukirin Wota.

Author: reika

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