kashiwagi yuki frowning, 柏木由紀 不満の顔

Yukirin falls into a rear position in new Team B theater lineup

A new Team B theater opens, and Kashiwagi Yuki implicitly laments her rear position in the new lineup.

The center is the most coveted position of any 48-group member. Often we hear in senbatsu speeches, the pain and discontent of heading up the rear and not being out in front.

We occasionally hear what it’s like to be in the back: often through various senbatsu speeches (such as Yamamoto Sayaka’s), and most recently in the unranked member documentary.

What’s even more rare is when a typically front-and-center member falls out of the center area and back into the rear. It has happened, of course. One such example I remember is when Kitagawa Ryoha was chosen as the center for last year’s SKE48 single, “12 gatsu Kangaru”. According to the SKE Documentary (Idol no Namida), it was the first time Jurina wasn’t the center for a single.

It just shows that even the most popular members aren’t immune to being sent to the back once again. This recently happened to Kashiwagi Yuki, and she revealed some of her feelings in a recently blog post, and 755 entry.

Yukirin’s blog entry, dated November 27th (edited for content / formatting):

“It’s been a while since I had to remember a new theater, so I’m still getting used to it. The first day is December 22nd. I’ve still got some time, so I’ll do my best to practice on my own.
久しぶりに新しい公演を 覚えてるので、てんぱりちゅーう ってやつです。初日は、12/22! まだ時間はあるので、 自主練がんばります(^ν^)

I hope you’ll take the time to watch how the new Team B turned out!!
新しいチームBの形を、 みなさんには見ていただけると おもいます!!

When I’m in the back, dancing on the side, I tell myself, “I can’t lose!!” I’m surrounded by so many younger girls, but I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to being motivated!
後ろの列だったり、 端っこで踊ったりしてると、 「負けないぞー!」 なんて気持ちにもなります。若い子ばっかりだけど、 やる気は負けません( *`ω´)(笑)

Please look forward to our opening day!

A similar sentiment is expressed in a 755 comment, though perhaps slightly with a slightly more serious tone:

kashiwagi yuki 755 柏木由紀

Fan: No matter where you, Yukirin is the only one I can see, so it’s alright! I’ve got a bad habit of always looking your way. I’m looking forward to it!

Yukirin: Thanks! My heart was about to break! No matter where I am, I love the fans who always look out for me.


What with Yukrin’s bad luck this year, let’s hope that things start looking up for her.

Author: reika

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  • tiffany

    relax, this is yukirin we talking about, the girl who always start from the back and running forward without “push”

    • reika

      Yeah you’re right. I was happy to see that she’s so positive about it.

  • tiffany

    i guess all yukirin bad luck from 2012-2015 has been sum by god and dropped it in 2015.