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November 28th: Nice Knee High Socks Day!

In Japanese language, certain dates often sound like certain words or phrases, and so those dates can take on a special meaning. What’s November 28th sounds like in Japanese? “Good Knee High Socks”. Therefore, November 28 is now Nice Knee High Sock Day. Let’s celebrate!

First, a small Japanese lesson. Take the numbers in November 28th. They line up as “1 1 2 8”. Translation of numbers in Japanese goes something like this:

  • 1 – Ichi
  • 1 – Ichi
  • 2 – Ni
  • 8 – Hachi

Take the first syllable of each number? “i-i-ni-ha“, which, at a stretch, sounds a bit like “ii ni-hai” (いいニーハイ), which consequently translates to “Nice Knee Highs”.

Therefore, the netizens of the Japanese internet now deem in Nice Knee High Socks Day.  What does that mean for wota?  It means posting pictures of Japanese idols wearing knee high socks, of course!

Enjoy Knee High Sock Day:

Author: reika

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