48-group members appearing in FNS Song Festival

Fuji TV has revealed the planned schedule for the annual FNS Song Festival.  Japanese idol guest appearance fared better than the NHK lineup, especially with regards to HKT48 appearances.

There doesn’t seem to be an official setlist quite yet, and the 48-groups and their members are mixed in with tons of other guests. There have a been a few tweet posts here and there mentioning a few lineups.

Most notably, there are a number of solo appearances by 48-group members:

  1. Yamamoto Sayaka
  2. Ikuta Erika
  3. Madoka Moriyasu.
  4. Ikuta Erika

But! It seems that Sayaka’s appearance is a duet with Ieiri Leo, and they’ll be singing “Kimi ga kureta natsu”. This was the theme seem to a popular drama series that aired last September.

Similarly AKB48’s performance will be a duet with Tanimura Shinji. They’ll be singing, “Akahana no Tonakai”, which is the Japanese version of… Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer.

Honestly, a little disappointing, though they are scheduled to appear twice.  I’m not sure about HKT’s segment, other than Moriyasu Madoka has a solo appearance, which could be related to her recent piano debut album.

No word on Nogizaka46’s or Ikuta Erika’s performance.  Iku-chan is another talented pianist from the 48-groups, so perhaps her appearance will be similar to Madoka’s

Are you looking for FNS Kayosai?  Or perhaps NHK’s Uta Gassen?

Personally, I’m looking forward to AKB’s own Uta Gassen much more now!

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