AKB48 10th Anniversary 10周年記念祭-35

AKB48 Theater 10th year anniversary summary

Here is a collection of relevant social media posts (translations where relevant) related to AKB’s recent 10 year anniversary. This includes many appearances from graduated and current members!

There was some footage on the news the day after on “Wide Na Show”:

It almost feels like 2010 again!

Kojiharu: “I love them!”

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Shinoda Mariko: “10th Year Premium”

Hirajima Natsumi: “Everyone from 1st generation. Takamina, Miichan, Cindy, Piichan, Nyanyan, Risa, Hana-chan.”

Sashihara Rino: “Ahh… I’m so touched. I sat around for a few songs. The AKB that I loved was there.  The AKB that I saw during a national tour.  The AKB that I saw after lining up for a theater performance.  Ah…. my heart is full.”

Kitahara Rie: “The 10th year anniversary event is over! I really love my older members. It’s been a while. I’m so happy I can be spoiled. This is a picture of Not Yet! I’d like to performance with once every four years!”

Yokoyama Yui: “I used to look at old pictures of my senior members, and think, ‘Okay!’ 15 years, 20 years… I’ll try my best each day so that I’ll still be connected with them. ”

Haruka Nakagawa: “The event is over! I’m so happy that I met everyone and all the fans!”

Haruka Nakagawa: “The 3rd generation graduated members also came!”

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Kashiwagi Yuki: “The 10th Anniversary event. Here’s the 3rd generation gather. I’m so happy! I’m also really happy to see fans who have supported us for a long time. It really made me realize again how much I love AKB”

Kojima Haruna: “I haven’t laughed like this in a long time. I think this was when I was looking at the Team K photos. It was great!”

Minegishi Minami: “AKB’s 10th year. That face, this face: I was so excited to meet them all again! It’s all thanks to the fans that we were able to have so much fun together.  Thank you for believing in us. Please continue to look after us!”

Akimoto Sayaka: “Thank you very much for the 10 year event. To those who bought the album, and the others who say behind: did you have fun?  Thank you very much!  Thanks, thanks, here’s Takamina’s legs.”

Umeda Ayaka: “The 10 year event. ‘Become a rolling stone’. I’ve done that in NMB, but when I do that as part of Team K, I remember that time and they are very different songs”

(Edit:Thanks Qwink for correction :)))

Miyazawa Sae: “To all the fans who came to see me, and who have supported me, thank you very much as always.  I wasn’t able to meet you much today but, from the bottom of my heart, I’m glad to those who watched over me 10 years ago.”

Iriyama Anna: “AKB’s 10th anniversary event. I don’t know how it was 10 years ago, but I’m very glad that my senior members and fans had so much fun! I felt so honored to watch the AKB that I love from the fan’s seating.  I was almost in tears!”

Oshima Yuko: “Today, we celebrated 10 years with AKB48.  I did an event with the many ‘Legends’ and fans who have supported AKB all this time. It was a large gathering of graduated members!”

Shinoda Mariko: “At the the 10th year anniversary event. Thank you so much for believing us and supporting us, even when we started with nothing 10 years ago. Taking everything in, I’m so full of gratitude. Thank you very much!”

Takahashi Minami: “The first generation who came today”

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Kasai Tomomi: “Miichan”

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Shinoda Mariko: I couldn’t have imagined how these 10 years have turned out.

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Oshima Yuko: “It’s almost time for the 10 year event! It’s because of all the supporters that we’ve been able to come this far. It was a story of all the faces that gathered here.”

Yokoyama Yui: “The always beautiful Akimoto-san who I love, love! I always adored her has a member, and as a person. Actually, us three year have met privately before. I want to go out with them again!”

Maeda Atsuko: “We’re friends. Takamina took this photo”

Masuda Yuka: “AKB’s 10th year event is over! They made me this costume so that I could dance in Flying Get! It’s been three years since I’ve worn this kind of frilly mini skirt, so I was nervous. Does it still look good? I was with everyone in 2nd gen! Team K is the best! Thank you very much!”

Kobayashi Kana: “Today was the 10th anniversary event. The songs were chosen by fans who had a premium ticket from 7 years ago, and those who purchased 0 to 1 no Aida album. The members from 1st through 3rd generation were also present. Thanks to everyone from 1st generation who brought us this far.”

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Shinoda Mariko: “I really like this part.”

Shinoda Mariko: “I not sleepy anymore. Jurina’s wink!”

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Shinoda Mariko: “There’s something behind Tokumitsu-san, and Honda-san…”

Minegishi Minami: Eight years ago, thank you all for choosing me. I didn’t really become the idol I wanted to become, but I’m glad that I was able to show you the lively, energetic, side of me. Please come see me again, and stay well, okay?”

→ http://7gogo.jp/takahashi-zyuri/2610 トークアプリ755からの投稿

Takahashi Juri: I participated in today’s AKB48 10th year anniversary as part of AKB’s current members. I also did some songs with many graduated members from the first through third generation! I started crying during the last song, Sakura no Hanabira tachi. I remembered so many things and felt many things I hadn’t felt before. Later, I’ll put this altogether and send some mail. I’m so glad to have stood on today’s stage. Takamina took this photo. Performing songs like Heavy Rotation, etc, with the original members was so amazing.”

Finally, here’s a photo gallery:

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    It’s so good to see them again together! :’)

    • reika

      Yesss! It’s like time travel :)))

  • Qwink

    It is great to see graduated members return and have fun like in the old days. Don’t want to caal anyone out but I just want to point out a little translating mistake in the part from Umeda Ayaka. 転がる石になれ translates to “become a falling stone”, or something like that. It is actually the title of one of my favorite songs. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERhQ0OpzG8g) Her post also makes alot more sense if you get that 😉

    • reika

      Yessss! It’s from favorite days of AKB :))
      Oh of course, I’m happy for your corrections! I mistake 右 and 石, it makes much more sense now lol. I’ll update it soon.

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        Oh my god that would be awesome…
        Mexico is a great platform to start to conquer latin fans, if you success in Mexico, you have a lot of chances to do the same in the rest of latin america, so a mexican group does not sound so crazy. AKB will conquer the world!

        And….. maaaybe they can transfer, I dont know… maybe Fujie Reina♥♥♥♥♥♥ I would not mind to travel all around my country to see them. hahaha

        • reika

          I just read this morning when riding train. I’ll write article about later :)))

          Reina! She’s sooo cute. But if MXC48 is real, you might get Tano Yuka first lol.

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