AKB48 News Roundup: need more sleep edition

I’m sleepy already, but I feel the obligation to spread the news (^_^) Often I’ll read lots of tiny news pieces when browsing around, so here’s an AKB48 News Roundup to summarize those many things.

If it’s useful, I can make this another series, similar to Useless News. Please enjoy the following short new clips from recent days:

Lately, Noguchi Yume of SKE48, is pretty sad about her lack of G+ commenters. She explains on her 755 channel: “Lately, my G+ comments have been getting lower and lower. Is anybody looking? It’s so lonely and makes me not want to update. I’ve been worried about that lately!”

On a recent episode of Otomari, Murayama Yuiri explains how super popular she is with guys. Even though she’s only 18 years old, over 20 different guys have confessed their love for her! Here’s her from the show below:


What do you think?

Edit: Nope, I’m wrong. Please ignore this part (^^) Thanks @crescentsaber!

Getters Iida is the fortune teller who takes part in the annual Lucky Girl Ranking that airs on AKBingo each year. He’s been known to be pretty accurate. Lately, in a recent newspaper article, he talks about Nogizaka46, in which he says: “Next year, Ikuta-san has really good lucky but, regarding the future, I’d recommend letting Nishino play a big part!” Here’s the article in question:


Also from the same episode of Otomari mentioned above, Maeda Ami says she was threatened by an SKE48 fan at a handshaking event. Apparently, there was some rumor that SKE member Azuma Rion was afraid of Maeda Ami for some unknown reason. At the handshaking event, said wota approached Maeda Ami and threatened her by saying, “What did you do to Azuma Rion?!”


Edit: Nothing really serious happened, and this summary made it seem out of proportion.  I’m sorry for my poor choice of words here.  And thanks @crescentsaber!

Yokoyama Yui was quoted as saying: “AKB48’s rival is AKB48”. It was mentioned in her speech during the 10th year event, as she was implying that the newer current members need to step up and be as great as the original members.

Some people from 2ch mentioned that the toilets were closed off during the 10th anniversary event. Considering how crowded it must have been, I’m guessing it wasn’t pretty (o_0)

Iriyama recently appeared on a radio show called Listen 2-3 (and for the first time).  She appeared by herself at the beginning of the show, and listeners noted that she laughs a lot when she talks.  Perhaps nervous?  Most listeners seemed to find her laughter extremely cute though!

And on a more touching note, remembering her trauma from the hand-saw incident, one commentator says: “If Annin is able to laugh from the bottom of her heart again, I’m so happy!”

Betters words have never been said (T_T)  Here’s the show, if you want to listen, but it’s Japanese only:

In a recent magazine interview from Weekly Playboy magazine, Watanabe Mayu was quoted as saying: “There doesn’t seem to be a young member who come right at you like Matsui Rena. Young members these days seem to have quote.  Maybe I just have to get angry with them.”

Courtesy of a recent episode of Momm!!, Kojiharu mentions that she hasn’t really talked to Watanabe Mayu over a five year period! Whoa!


Mayuyu may have also called her Kojimaru, instead of Kojiharu:


Also from the same Momm!! episode, the topic of graduation came up.  Sashihara Rino describes her planned graduation, relative to her other members: I’m not going to graduate before Kojima, Minegishi, or Mayuyu.

It seems that Sasshi will be #1 for a while to come!

Kizaki Yuria was recently part of a magazine interview which was printed in Weekly Playboy magazine recently.  The topic of the center position came up, and Yuria had to to say: “If it were up to me, I think a skinnier Naanya!”


Funny enough this poke fun at the fact that Owada Nana has been known for getting a little fatter recently (well, we’re talking “fat” by idol standards, but she’s still pretty skinny!).

Takahashi Minami recently appeared on popular Japanese TV show called Mechaike.  You might remember this show, as they quote often feature Japanese idols, including my personal favorite segment, the AKB48 Bakajo test.  The show featuring Takamina was part of her graduation special, and achieved ratings of approximately 7.5%.

By comparison, according to Wikipedia Japan, the show’s ratings are usually between 15 – 20%, so the show featuring our General Manager didn’t do so well, unfortunately.

Iriyama Anna, Kizaki Yuria, Kojima Mako, Owada Nana, and Mukaichi Miion are appearing on the January 2016 issue of BOMB.  Here’s the cover:


Iwatate Saho recently received her Level 1 certification for Aromatherapy.  I didn’t even know there was a certification for such things!


On a recent episode of AKB SHOW!, the topic of plastic surgery came up when Takamina is talking with Muto Tomu.  Tomu-chan obviously hasn’t had plastic surgery, but she mentions that she had a mole removed.


Takamina, Kojiharu, and Mayuyu are on the cover of Shukan Playboy, for the week of December 21st (one sales December 7th). Here’s the cover:


There’s so much more, but I’ll stop for now. Good night!





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  • Jack

    Wow so much news. I read this site to keep myself updated lol. And I love listening to that radio show. Good work!

    • reika

      It might seem like a lot, but there’s much more!

  • crescentsaber

    re: the Otomari ones, I’m pretty sure Naanya was talking about her 2 other friends ( the three of them including Naanya were ranked Top 3 by the boys in their school ) and the 20+ confessions was about the 2 other girls.

    As for Aamin + Rion’s thing, in the earlier eps of Otomari, Rion said that the earlier gens of AKB are very hard / scary to approach. When asked about which gens, she said “Maybe from 1st gen up until Maeda Ami” without thinking because Aamin’s name was the only one that popped up in her head. This of course led to fans thinking that something must’ve happened between the two when actually nothing happened.

    Also it wasn’t a threat, it’s actually a pretty polite question if Aamin rephrased it word-by-word. A little careful next time maybe? 😉 it came off as Rion’s fans being very aggressive from your choice of words 🙂

    • reika

      Thanks for correction!! I updated post to remove those misinformations, and put updates. I’m sorry for that.
      I didn’t watch Otomari, but just read summary online. I need more sleep lol.

      • crescentsaber

        Otomari is a really great insight to the younger members, and boy do they talk without inhibitions… I’m starting to worry that some of the more freely talking member will provoke some fans to become haters since they are very straightforward. Definitely recommended!

        All in all, great job in wrapping up ( hehe ) the article! 🙂

        • reika

          Yeah! I watched the first three episodes and thought it’s entertaining. It’s different from AKBingo’s feeling, since they are not just playing games, and there is usually some interesting theme. Thanks for recommending! I shall watch more on weekend time :)))

  • Sonny

    I love the News Roundup! My favorite is the Useless News, but both give me a chance to read some more obscure and interesting AKB news. Sometimes it’s hard to find AKB tidbits in English, so it’s always appreciated when you give international fans some love. ♥

    • reika

      You’re welcome! I’m glad if its useful for you (^_^) To be honest, I do not write all the news I saw because it takes time, but I’ll try to write more from now.

  • Enrique Santiago

    Great summary, very useful, i’ll be happy if this become a series.

    – ¿A skinnier naanya? no thanks, well… maybe just a little bit.

    – Don’t know Mechaike, ¿what is it about?

    – I was worried/interested on what happened between Aamin and rion, but since you clarify that, now i’m relieved. (i read the news before you edit).

    Anyway, Thanks for the news.

    Pd: ¿is there someone who is having troubles with the website besides me?, the option for comment doesn’t appear. I am commenting on this from the disqus page.

    • reika

      Okay, I’ll try write again tomorrow!

      – I thought Naanya is skinny enough, but many people online mention her weight. It’s little strange!

      – Mechaike is very popular Japanese comedy show. Very frequently, Japanese celebrities and idols make guest appearances, and AKB has appeared many times already. It’s very funny show, if you can watch with English subs, I recommend!

      – Sorry for confusion about Azumarion. I need more sleep to be careful, lol.

      – I don’t know about comment, but I’ll ask someone!

  • Icowel

    1. Removing a mole is plastic surgery is it not?

    2. I had the same interpretation of what Yuiri said, she included herself in those three who all had 20+ people confess to them.

    • reika

      Yes, you are probably right. Usually when I think ‘plastic surgery’, I think of more major things like reshaping nose or eyes!

      About Yuiri… lol, now I’m confused! I need to watch that episode properly (I still only watched up to episode 3 of Otomari), and see for myself (^^

  • MyNameIsFire

    …Threatening Aamin!? How dare they!