Akimoto to create AKB sister group in Mexico?

Online, they are already calling it MXC48. Is this really happening?! It seems like nothing more than rumor right now, but a trail of quietly hidden tidbits makes people wonder. What do you think of a 48 sister group in Mexico?

It seems that MEX48 is another possible name :)))

There are several reasons why this rumor came to light, the most recent being a story on TV show called News Zero, which aired on Fuji TV. Here are some screen captures from the program:

news zero mxc48

It says: “Meeting with overseas music industry people”.

news zero mxc48

“An offer was received [from someone] wanting to make a group similar to AKB48 in Mexico.”

news zero mxc48

Music-industry person: “I want to bring the AKB48 project to Central and South America”

Of course, this may be very shaky evidence — it doesn’t really mention names anywhere, but a meeting with Aki-P at the table might lend it some credence. Who knows.

Second pieces of evidence?  An online news article from Dentsu Online.  Dentsu featured an interview with Akimoto about JKT48, the first overseas sister group.

In one segment of the interview, Akimoto is asked about his plans for future overseas groups.  Here’s a snippet and translation:

Question: “Please tell us about your future plans for expansion overseas.” (今後の海外展開について教えてください。)

Akimoto: “In Jakarta, we saw success and a real economic impact… we received offers from many places, including the Phillipines, Thailand, China, Malaysia…”. The rest is just… fate. We’ve also seen interest in America and South America. In the next year or two, we really hope to expand.” (ジャカルタでの成功や経済効果を実際に見て、フィリピン、タイ、中国、マレーシア…あちこちからお話を頂いています。後は縁、ですね。米国や南米も興味を示してくれていますし、来年再来年にかけて、きっと広がっていくと思いますよ)

What’s the doubt here? One word: TPE48 (is that word?). The sister group forming in Taiwan was announced way back in 2011, and we even saw news about auditions this year!.  As of yet, nothing really concrete has materialized though.

Okay, last bit of possible evidence?  Akimoto Yasushi posted on Tano Yuka’s 755 chat about the visit of a Mexican TV producer, about a month ago.  Coincidence?  Here’s the message (and translation):

tano yuka mxc48 田野優花

Akimoto: “A Mexican TV producer watched a theater performance, and highly praised your performance!”

Tano Yuka: “I’m so honored!! I’m more fired up now!”

Most people just kinda laughed it off at the time, but in the context of these news rumors, suddenly it seems a little more relevant.

So there you have it!  Are you convinced?  And would you welcome an MXC48 / MEX48?

Author: reika

I’m writing about useless and stupid things a lot, and I like to laugh. My policy is 一期一会。It means treasure your meeting with everyone!

  • Sam

    Oh! I know that guy! He is a powerful producer here in México, his name is Pedro Damián and is the producer of numerous and famous tv shows, not only for México but for all latin america. If anyone ever heard about a mexican pop group called RBD or Rebelde, he is actually the mastermind of that. RBD was a huuuuge band around all the american continent and europe, I believe there is also some historial with japan and RBD.

    Anyways, like I told Reika before, for me.. it’s a great idea because I know there is a lot of akb fans in México and latin america, and if you success in México you have a lot of chances to do the same in central and south america.

    But there is a problem, we don’t have the idol culture.. most of people does not know anything about idols, so is a risk they would have to take. But that guy, Pedro Damián, is a very capable guy, If he sees something good bringing a 48 group to México, is because there is a big chance to make a hit.

    Like I said, for me is an awesome idea, I would be very happy to see Yuka here♥ i would prefer Renyan but is ok! hahaha Yuka would look so beautiful in a mexican traditional dress

    Thank you Reika for the news!!

  • Enrique Santiago

    I am mexican and i have mixed feelings about this.

    I think I might like to have a group here in México:
    – Could go to the theater, handshakes, concerts (since i don´t have money to go to japan).

    – The feeling of supporting a group in my country.

    – There’s a lot of fandom here in latin america.

    And there are some problems:

    – Different culture.

    – Many people doesn’t know the idol concept.

    – (This is the big issue that i am worried about making the group) The tv industries: more exactly “Televisa”. If this monopoly take the total control of the group they will just ruin and make joke the idol concept. Yes, i know that in order to make a music group succesful it’s necessary the help of the media, and televisa is biggest tv industry in méxico, but they are just s**t.

    Many mexicans hate this tv industry because:

    – The tv shows are garbage (sexism, misogyny, ignorance, cheap comediants (of course not all the shows have this things)).

    – The corruption of this mass media

    – Be associate with the “Pri”, the most corrupt political party.

    If they decide make the group, I would like to trust in Akimoto, that he will not let any producer take this project and change the whole Akb48/idol concept and do the things wrong.
    I really would love to support the group.

    • Isaias Rodriguez

      I agree,I was born in USA but my parents watch a lot of the novelas,and everything you said is pretty much everything needed to be said about the plan of MEX48.I might be going to Mexico in the summer(if I don’t have summer school) If MEX gets formed I’d start to want to visit Mexico more often XD

  • In Jakarta ‘MEX 48’ sounds strange ^D^

  • Felicia Li

    definitely mixed feelings, all the sister groups formed are asian, if they do expand to other countries than asian, would be interesting to see how they’ll be accepted