Akimoto Sayaka: “Don’t worry, I’m graduated.” Laughter ensues.

If you pay attention to any sort of AKB48 news, you may have noticed that the 10th year anniversary event has recently passed. Here’s a translation of when Akimoto Sayaka starts crying. As touching as it was, the members reactions were also pretty funny.

The transcript is courtesy of AKB Memorist. If I find the actual Live On Demand episode, I’ll try and sub it. Here’s the text:

Sayaka: *crying*
秋元才加 → 号泣

Takamina: “Sayaka’s crying. Your timing is so awkward!”

Sayaka: “I’m sorry. I just thought about how happy I am” *more crying!*

Takamina: *laughing*
高橋みなみ → w

Sae: “This is really ugly. Please, don’t spread this around. For the sake of AKB, and for the future of AKB.”

Sayaka: “I’m graduated! Please don’t worry”

Other members: *laughter*
メンバーたち → w

Takamina: “You’re like the guy that says, ‘I’m wearing'” **

Sae: “You’ve got it backwards though. So close, so close”

I know Sae-chan said not to spread this around, but couldn’t help myself. Sorry!

Screen captures also courtesy of AKB Memorist:




** This is a reference to Japanese comedian, Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura. You may have seen him already, as he has appeared on AKBingo before. Here’s a really hilarious Youtube video, with English subtitles, of his act:

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