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News Roundup #2: is this supposed to be number one?

Unnnn, I am not sure if this should first or second version of News Roundup.  Anyway, here is some AKB48 News blips for the past few days (or more?).

There is nothing too major here. Jerry says he wants to translate Mariyagi’s graduation announcement, but maybe he’s too lazy to do it!

There was a recent live cast on LINE messaging app recently.  It was a talk show featuring Yukirin, Mayuyu and Kato Reno. You can watch it here if you haven’t seen it (sorry, Japanese only).

There’s a segment where they go over news starting form 10 years ago, in 2005.  One super popular Japanese television drama was called Densha Otoko (or “Train Man”).  Yukirin and Mayuyu remember it fondly. For me, personally, I have never met a Japanese person who didn’t at least recognize the name.

However, Kato Rena says she doesn’t know it! Perhaps it’s not surprising considering her age, but Densha Otoko is also notable for its related to themes about Akiba and otaku cultural. For a group member named Akiba, it seemed a little surprising!  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

HKT48 Members recently appeared at a “music fight” festival called “GUM Rock Fes in Nippon Budoukan”.  You can watch the opening ceremony here (no subtitles, sorry):

About halfway through, the announcer asks Sakura about Nogizaka46, to which she says: “Nogizaka46 has a mature and clean image.” In contrast, she says about her own group: “HKT48 will do our best through our youth and freshness!”

Oricon announced that AKB48 had beaten Japanese band B’z for the most singles sold ever.  It’s a pretty big accomplishment, even though many are quick to note that AKB doesn’t sell just CDs.  On an episode of All Night Nippon, which aired December 9, 2015, Takahashi Juri mentions (about 7.5 minutes in): “B’z is incredible. They don’t even include handshaking tickets or anything like that!”

It’s also mentioned that the songs that Akimoto has written lyrics for have totaled over 100 million over the course of his career. It’s quite an amazing accomplishment!

It would appear that Sashihara Rino has started playing video game Monster Hunter:

It’s not very surprising, considering her otaku roots.  However, it also seems that she has pulled Miyawaki Sakura into her game world:

In response to someone asking: “Do you play with other members?” Sasshi responds: “No one! But Sakura has started for me, so there’s that.”

Funny! I would play for Sasshi too :)))

In an article from a recent release of BOMB magazine, there was an interview with Takahashi Minami. The article snippet is below:


In summary, it seems that the management didn’t originally include Owada Nana or Mukaichi Mion to sing in Takamina’s last single.  It was only after Takamina asked the management to do so that they were allowed.

Miyawaki Sakura is on the cover of Weekly Shounen Champion magazine (January 7th, 2016 edition):

miyawaki sakura

It’s said that Nogizaka46 management has a policy of not allowing members to appear in clothing that is too revealing (i.e. no swimsuits or other sexy clothes).  Even so, news comes that Ikuta Erika will be releasing a new photo book next year, with promise of scantily clad photos!  Here’s a sample photo:

It’s not often that I encounter news about Kenkyuusei, but AKB understudy Hiwatashi Yui has been considering a name change.  Typically, her nickname is Yui-chan, but she has been contemplating the name “Hiwa-tan” instead.  It’s a pretty unique name, but perhaps too unique?

Here are some very nice behind-the-scenes pictures of Takahashi Juri during a gravure shoot:

takahashi juri takahashi juri

AKB48’s 42nd single, “Kuchibiru Be My Baby” has first day says of 813,044 sold!  It was also the #1 best seller for that day.


Matsui Jurina is on the cover of a special edition of Kadokawa Direct 03 magazine:

matsui jurina 松井

And, again, Jurina is also on the cover of magazine-book (“mook”) called, My Girl vol 7. The back cover of the same issue features Kato Rena:

matsui jurina and kato rena

And even more magazine covers!! This time, Watanabe Miyuki appears on the front of UTB+ vol. 29:

watanabe miyuki utb 27

Okay, this last bit of news was from last week or so, but the stage play version of popular video game Super Danganropa recently played (December 2nd, 2015).  It stars former NMB48 member, Yamada Nana:

Personally, I couldn’t ever get into the game very much, but it is quite popular.

There’s also a press conference from Maidigi TV:

Nana is the shortest one!

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  • Isaias Rodriguez

    Sakura is so cute in Santa costume XD

    I wish I had as much luck as Sashi to find someone to game with me :c everyone I try to ask to join me on my MMORPG instantly says “Nope.”

  • Icowel

    “It’s said that Nogizaka46 management has a policy of not allowing members to appear in clothing that is too revealing”

    Hashimoto Nanami, Nishino Nanase and Shiraishi Mai already released photobooks which were as revealing as “normal”. So I think they already threw out that policy.

    • reika

      Hmm, good point. Perhaps I thought more about mizugi/swimsuit. Overall it seems they’re more conservative compared for 48-group members. Still I can’t imagine Ikuta wearing revealing things like Maiyan!