Useless #32: Tomu’s goods, newspapers, Hilary’s goods, awkward 9th gen

It’s hard deciding what’s useful and useless some days, but I hope this batch of goodies is equally useless for you! Today, let’s look at Muto Tomu’s goods, some newspapers, Hirata Rina’s awkwardness, and event more awkwardness amongst a few 9th generation members.

Muto Tomu’s birthday was recently and part of her Birthday celebration included several different novelty goods! Let’s take a look at some of them:




Usually when I think about AKB48-goods, the quality is sometimes not so great. But many are noting how well made these things.

Last year’s birthday event was also very interesting:

Newspapers sometimes have interesting AKB interviews and such, but are usually limited in scope (unless it is the AKB Shinbun). However, a recent issue of Nikkan Sports takes out a full page, completely covered in 48-group news, following the recent 10 year anniversary:


Oddly enough, there is one thing to note about this coverage: it is basically all about AKB48’s previously graduated members. It still seems they have the popularity and power over their current generation junior members!

Check out Hirata Rina posing for the camera:


Nothing unusual here… until she realizes that she is giving up some unintended fan service!


Lastly, we see fellow AKB48 9th Generation members Yamauchi Suzuran and Shimazaki Haruka attempting to take a photo together… with Paruru exuding awkwardness:


“Suzuran asked me to take a picture #AWKWARD”


“#ForcedSmile #BuryingTheDistanceBetweenSakae #ReallyAwkward”


“The only thing we could do was laugh. Done.”


Other items in the Useless News series:

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  • Jack

    Lol Paruru looks like she really doesn’t wanna be there.