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Matsui Rena talk show event draws massive crowds

Matsui Rena was recently part of an Christmas talk show event which took place in Aeon Mall in Hiezu, Tottori.  Said location is quite a way off from any major city, but that didn’t stop wota from gathering from all over.  Behold Rena’s super powers!

At the crack of first sunlight, there is already a line outside and around the building:

“7:30am, the state of Aeon Mall, Heizu”. Another look at the line:

Indoors was also quite a scene.  200 tickets were made available for the event, but that didn’t stop the massive crowds from gathering around the seating area, and into the upper levels:

It was quite a scene.  One Twitter user puts it best:

“All the ticket holders have entered! Applause.  The announcer said, ‘This is the strength of Matsui Rena’s fan’s unity!'”

Author: reika

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