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Useless #13: sooooo much useless! And Happy New Year!

Yes, #13. I can’t count correctly so I’m filling some gaps starting this new year.  Maybe that’s useless information, but I’ll tell you lots this time.  This edition: covered-up Yui-han, English-challened Yuria-chan, Meru’s crazy kissing, Mariyagi’s boobs, shiny UFOs in AKB theater, and Megu’s wardrobe malfunction. Whew. That’s a lot, get ready!

AKB members taking self portraits are not unusual.  Accidents have happened before, where the background of photos include some…. interesting shots.  Here’s one:

Yamamoto Sayaka, Yokoyama Yui

At least Sayanee had the decency the “censor” a half-naked Yokoyama Yui!

Kizaki Yuria calls herself a genius (perhaps sarcastically?), but her command of English spelling of “Thank You”, could use some work:

Kizaki Yuria says thank you

And more:

Kizaki Yuria english speak pera pera

“Engrisyu speak pera pera”.  Pera pera is romanization for Japanese word meaning “fluently”.  At least she spelled “speak” correctly!

Members kissing each other is nothing new, but I must admit that the following kiss with Tashima Meru more passionate than usual!

Imgur GIF

On a related note, it seems that boob grabbing is par for the course in the strange world of Japanese idols! Here’s a photo with 9th generation members, but pay close attention Mariyagi and Tanaka Chisato’s hand placement!

nakata chisato mariyagi boob grab

Meanwhile at a theater performance, looking into the audience, there seems to one large bright spot….

bald guy at akb48 theater performance

Accidents in the theater have been known to happen.  Taniguchi Megu unfortunately experiences one of her own, but she handles it with grace!

Gif Version:

Taniguchi Megu Wardrobe Malfunction

Good things she was wearing more than just underwear!


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  • Jack

    Wow nice catch there. Those outfits seem to come off pretty easily.

    • reika

      lololol. I guess it makes changing of clothe more easy?

  • RAWmangaSpoiler

    You still need #27, #29, and #30.

    • reika

      lol, yes someday.

  • Bloodforge

    And that’s why they have shorts on as well.

    • reika

      It’s good safety precaution!

  • ハル

    she didnt panicked splendid!