saitou asuka 齋藤飛鳥

Saito Asuka harassed on train by pervert

A twitter user spots Nogizaka46’s Saito Asuka in public and decides to… “make her acquaintance.” Disgusting things happen, and 2ch users rise up and destroy him virtually.

A shameless Japanese netizen posts a picture that he’s taken of Saito Asuka as she boards the train.  What’s more disturbing however, is his actions afterwards, shared via Twitter:

saito asuka train
Full photo of Saito Asuka left out on purpose.

Here’s a… slightly edited translation: “That’s Saito Asuka from Nogizaka46, isn’t it? I found her, LOLOLOL. I went in after her, rubbed my wiener on her, then she’s like ‘Huh?’ Underwear sploooosh lolololo”.

This basically amounts to what’s known in Japan as “chikan” (痴漢), a crime where one person is groping another person in public against their will.  It seems to happen frequently enough on crowded trains in Japan, that many railways have “female-only” trains during peak hours.

There’s one other Tweet mentioning the encounter but, honestly, it’s too gross to translate.  Basically, Asuka-chan kindly asks him to stop rubbing up against her (which he does). End of encounter.

Until 2ch users caught wind of this harassment and expressed their disapproval.  Some of their comments:

  • Okay, full strength, let’s crush him!
  • Alright, let’s go!
  • Asuka didn’t even bother to disguise herself – some fault lies with her.
  • I really want him to get arrested.
  • This is really going too far.
  • I feel sorry for her.
  • This is a crime!
  • If she said something, it’d be easy to get him arrested.
  • It’d be hard to get help on the Yamamote Train Line… maybe on Tokyo Metro.
  • She should have disguised herself. This is too dangerous.
  • Arrest!

In much the way that Sasshi’s twitter replies will make haters disappear, this user’s Twitter account is no longer available.  At least some  justice has been served today!

Author: reika

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  • RAWmangaSpoiler

    How do we know what he said was the truth? He could’ve been lying.

    • trant

      I know, right? He could have been just some internet troll that was saying shi* just to rile up people.

  • “Asuka didn’t even bother to disguise herself – some fault lies with her.”
    Uh… Wtf with some people…?! How is it her fault ? Just because she didn’t disguise herself doesn’t mean she has to be harassed. It’s just messed up to think this way. It’s like people saying “It’s her fault for being raped because she wore a skirt in summer and people are worst than animals and can’t control their libido”. She has the right to live her life without being freaking harassed by a creep.