Nogizaka46 Fukagawa Mai announces graduation

Nogizaka46’s Fukagawa Mai quietly (and suddenly!) announced her graduation via her official blog. What follows is a English translation of the entry where she gives some insight in her decision.

To everyone, today I have an important announcement.

I, with the 14th single, have decided to graduate from Nogizaka46.

I’m very sorry for surprising you with such sudden announcement on this blog.

Of course, this wasn’t an easy decision. I thought about it for a long time. This decision is the result of consulting many staff members numerous times.

So, there’s no regret in this choice. I have very positive feelings.

There wasn’t anything in particular that made me decide to graduate. While I was working, from about a year ago, I naturally felt that I had become distant from this group.

Once again, I’ll be starting from nothing. Inside of me, this feeling of wanting to take a new step forward has grown strong.

Nogizaka46, for me, is a place that I love.

My friendly fellow members, staff, and the fans were always by my side. Within this environment, I thrived, and every day I’m truly thankful.

But, continuing on to the next thing, I can’t see what’s ahead. No matter how scary, no matter how comfortable I feel in this place, I thought that not having the resolve to take a new step forward wasn’t a good thing.

Of course, it’s going to be difficult. I’m worried I’ll bump into walls, even more so than I have before.

But, this is the path that I’ve chosen for myself. And little by little, I intend to face it head-on and overcome it.

When this announcement’s date, and other things, started to really take shape, and the reality of it all started to hit me, there was one thing I realized.

Everything I’ve done until now, each and every little thing was precisely because I was in Nogizaka46 — I’ve always held that feeling close to me, but…

… the things I’ve seen through my work, all of the people I’ve met, all of the things I’ve experienced, I shouldn’t take it all for granted.

Even as I intended to come to terms with that as today drew near, I feel it strongly even more so now.

My last day hasn’t been decided yet but, depending on how things get decided, I will inform all of you.

With the activities related to the 14th single, I think I will be around until May or June.

So, until then, just as we have until now, with all the other members and all of you fans, I intend to smile as usual, and cherish each and every day!

Everyone, I hope you’ll please continue to support me.
皆さん、これからもどうぞよろしくお願いします*m(_ _)m

Fukagawa Mai

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  • omi

    This is sad but she take the right decision…respect this and best wishes for her future 🙂

  • Sam

    I’m still suprised by Miyazawa Sae announcement…. and by Iwata Karen’s…

    and still crying for Yamada Nana graduation Y-Y

    Why is everybody graduating?