kaneko shiori 金子栞

Kaneko Shiori AKB 1/149 Confessing ending gameplay

Here is Kaneko Shiori’s confession ,with English subtitles, from the video game AKB 1/149 Renai Sousenkyo Love Election.

I haven’t done one of these videos in a long while, but I figured it’s about time I revisit the 149 series.  Here’s the video, for your viewing pleasure:

It made me nostalgic for the old days of SKE48, as Kaneko Shiori (also known as “Kin-chan”), graduated some time ago.  This confession suits her personality so well.

She seems to be mumbling “anamu anamau” a few times — I don’t think it means anything, but it sounds kind of like a buddhist chant.  That might explain why she uses the word “goriyaku” (ご利益, or ごりやく), which means something like, “an answer to a prayer”, or “miracle”.  Presumably, the answer to her pray that you’d date her!

Here’s the full text of the confession for those interested:

Main Scene

It’s my job to blow bubbles. Pretend to be hit by them, okay?

Wee! Go, go!

Ah! Did you pretend to get hit, just now? That’s really good!

Annamu namu namu aari!

Delicous! Okay! Well then, we should start dating!


Wow, this miracle is amazing! Let’s do this together.

Annamu namu namu


What? Why? My plans are ruined!

It’s gotten really boring all the sudden.

Come here.

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  • Jack

    Wow she’s cute! I’ve never really followed SKE D:

    • Perhaps too cute 😀 She was one of my favorites from SKE48. She graduated last year, but I still follow her on Twitter.