Lonely Japanese Office Lady

Lonely OL-chan series: afraid of the dark? No, it’s cold.

It’s winter time; we understand, OL-chan!

Hi there. Welcome to Lonely OL-chan series! To practice my translation and writing skills, I’ll be translating a series of tweets from Twitter user @black9arrows, featuring the fictitious everyday life of a lone Japanese Office Lady (or “OL” for short).

“I drew a picture of an OL, living by herself, when she covers herself with her futon, up past her head, as she sleeps.”

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Here are more entries in the OL-Chan series:

Author: yuki

  • thrillho

    Awesome! I’m a big fan of her, please continue translating more of em!

    • yuki

      No problem man, you’re very welcome. I feel a little bad not contributing as much as I should to the site. I’m hoping I can change that in 2016. More OL-ちゃん incoming this week.