NGT48’s First theater performance summary

NGT48’s theater opened for the first time this weekend.  There was a lot to see in my news feed, so here’s a summary of the theater’s opening, song list, MC highlights, and other announcements.

Leading up: biking from Tokyo to Niigata

As part of the promotion leading up to NGT48’s first theater opening, the theater’s manager, Imamura Etsuro, was going to bike and walk all the way from Tokyo to Niigata!!  According to reports, the distance covered was 364 kilometers (or about 220 miles).

NGT48 Imamura Etsuro Challenge-04

Here’s the original Tweet that mentioned the challenge:

Translation: “Manager Imamura, as part of a prayer toward NGT48’s success, in order to inspire the member’s lessons, and in order to instill the soul of AKB48 into NGT48, will travel by foot and bicycle, carrying a panel from AKB48’s theater, from Tokyo to Niigata over an 11 day period.  Details coming soon.”

It’s quite an undertaking.  And very inspirational to say the least!  Even 2ch users, who are usually pretty negative, was encouraging in their own way:

  • “Too much NG48 love. lol”
  • “Is it going that it’s this cold?!  Especially Niigata, haha.”
  • “I wonder if he’ll crash at some random wotas’ house on the way”
  • “If Imamura-san is going this far for the opening of the theater, the other staff must really be doing a good job.”
  • “Out of the AKB group, this person is definitely something different. Certain-death-work-man, Imamura!”
  • “Old man, don’t die, lololol! By the way, out of all the manager’s, he’s the oldest at 56 years old”
  • “Don’t get hurt!”

Some of photos to commemorate the start of the event:

The Grand Opening

Photos of the newly constructed theater appeared in the days leading up to the official opening.

It seems that opinions were mixed about the design, though many note that it’s really similar to the design of SKE48’s theater, with the exception of the color scheme. You may make your own judgments but, regardless of design, that would be the least thing on my mind if I saw Kitarie and Yukirin holding the door open:

NGT48 Theater Interior-001

NGT48 Theater Interior-002

NGT48 Theater Interior-003

NGT48 Theater Interior-004

NGT48 Theater Interior-005

The exterior seems to well adorned as well which, unlike some of the other theaters, make it easy to spot:

NGT48 Theater Exterior-001

NGT48 Theater Exterior-002

Song list

M01. Party ga hajimaru yo (PARTYが始まるよ)

NGT48 PARTYが始まるよ-001

NGT48 PARTYが始まるよ-002

NGT48 PARTYが始まるよ-003

M02. Dear my teacher

M03. Doku ringo tabesasete (毒リンゴを食べさせて)

doku ringo tabesaste 毒リンゴ食べさせて

M04. Skirt hirari (スカート、ひらり)

NGT48 Skirt Hirari スカート、ひらり -001

NGT48 Skirt Hirari スカート、ひらり -002

NGT48 Skirt Hirari スカート、ひらり -003

M05. Classmate (クラスメイト)

NGT48 Classmate-001

NGT48 Classmate-002

NGT48 Classmate-003

NGT48 Classmate-004

M06. Anata to Christmas Eve (あなたとクリスマスイブ)

ngt48 anato to christmas eve

M07. Kiss wa dame yo (キスはだめよ)

Kiss wa dame yo-001

Kiss wa dame yo-002

Kiss wa dame yo-003

M08. Hoshi no ondo (星の温度)

NGT48 Hoshi no ondo-003

NGT48 Hoshi no ondo-001

NGT48 Hoshi no ondo-002

NGT48 Hoshi no ondo-004

M09. Sakura to hanabira tachi (桜の花びらたち)

NGT48 Sakura no Hanabiru Tachi 桜の花びらたち

M10. Aozora no soba ni ite (青空のそばにいて)

After this last song, the main portion of the theater finishes. The members introduce some new outfits:

ngt48 新衣装の紹介

And afterwards, you can see the theater manager hilariously going across the stage with a mop:

ngt48 支配人掃除

EN01. Sawatari he wataru (佐渡へ渡る)

The song is considered very “mature”, as it was a former SDE48 song; so only members aged high school and older were allowed to participate!

NGT48 Sawatari he wataru 佐渡へ渡る 01

NGT48 Sawatari he wataru 佐渡へ渡る 02

EN02. Kimi no koto suki dakara (君のことが好きだから)

EN03. 唇にBe My Baby

NGT48 唇にBe My Baby-001

NGT48 唇にBe My Baby-002

Kato Minami did some crazy flips during this performance. With regard to her acrobatics, she’s quoted as saying, “I want to make this a special part of theater performance. I won’t do them anywhere else”.

Flipping action:

Imgur GIF

EN04. NGT48




EN05. Sakurai no hanabira tachi (桜の花びらたち)

Self-introduction and lots of crying!

There were four MC (talk) breaks between songs; nothing unusual here, except that as members introduced themselves, lots of crying happened!

It’s understandable as these girls must have very nervous for the first performance!


Surprise announcement! A television drama starring NGT48 was announced. No other details, other than the auditions for the main role have started. It’s going to appear on BS Sukapaa service, and will start airing in May, 2016.

The send off

And lastly, the send off:

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  • Derek Vasconi

    FINALLY! So, so, SOOOOO PROUD of these girls! And I think Katomina is going to do some big things for her group. This is such a great day in AKB’s history. OMEDETOU!!!!

    • reika

      Omedetou!! It’s been a while in coming. I hope they can achieve success as much as AKB48 too.

      • Derek Vasconi

        So desu neeee. I hope they achieve a TON of success! My Kami-oshi, Yukirin, is with them, so they have my undying support!!! Now, if my oshi Tani Marika would just join them….

  • very good article, screenshots help a lot

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      I’m happy if you find its helpful (^_^)

  • Ruka-pyon

    If anyone was wondering the drama will be a live action version of “Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni”

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  • Mimi

    I can see why they didnt want the younger members singing Sawatari he wataru, frankly i wouldn’t approve of anyone under 18 singing it.

    • reika

      Oh I see! SDN48 seems usually more mature, didn’t they? Honestly, I don’t know the song at first, lol