AKB48 Baitoru Collaboration CM: “Baitoru de kagayakou”

Japanese job search service, Baitoru, continues their collaboration with AKB’s top ranking members (the Kami 7) in these new Baitoru commercials.

Previous commercials featured Kami7 members and started airing in the middle of last year. Here’s the third commercial in the collaboration:

Screen shots as follows:

AKB48 Baitoru CM-1

AKB48 Baitoru CM-2

AKB48 Baitoru CM-3

AKB48 Baitoru CM-4

AKB48 Baitoru CM-5

AKB48 Baitoru CM-6

AKB48 Baitoru CM-7

AKB48 Baitoru CM-8

Author: reika

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  • Kevin Trejo

    what’s the song of this cm

    • reika

      It’s called Koi No Baitoru. I’m not 100% sure, but this song looks like it’s just used in the collaboration (not official single). There’s a 30s version here:

  • Kevin Trejo