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Useless #33: Seira Maiyan, Yukirin’s boobs, meganekko, phone apps

It’s that moment again when we share things perhaps best left uselessly known. Welcome!

Sometimes I’ll be browsing the news and I’ll find things that make no sense and makes me think, “How did I get here?!”

For example, what’s going on here:

Where does Shiraishi Mai end and where does Nagashima Seira begin?!
Where does Shiraishi Mai end and where does Nagashima Seira begin?!

Vaguely, I might have been following some article about Nogizaka 46, but sometimes I really wonder.

As we noted before, AKB members sometimes get harassed. We’ve seen Kashiwagi Yuki get touched up by a big bear. For those who need reminder:

kumamon yukirin
Where are your hands touching Kumamon!?

And, much like this Seira and Maiyan photo, here’s another exhibit for your viewing pleasure:


Oh dear, Yukirin’s look is timeless and classic!

Speaking of looks, checkout Goto Moe’s sporting glasses:


Are you a fan of meganekko (メガネッコ)? There aren’t enough of them in 48-groups!

Speaking of more unexplainable things:

Wow, doubly cute. There’s something about Cat ears on cute girls:

akb48 neko mimi

But Kato Rena is not the only one spending time so uselessly! Here’s some useless time with Shiro Miru:

And with that, good night!


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Author: reika

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  • Enrique Santiago

    Hmm… how did i get here?

    Well, 5 minutes of my life that i’ll never retrieve. :v

    • reika

      lol, sorry for spending that useless time here (^o^)

  • Jack

    Lol I wonder if people think they can take advantage under that costume.

  • Derek Vasconi

    Amazing. Too much fun! My kami-oshi getting her oppais harassed! And though I am soooo not a fan of Kato Rena, she looks incredible in that pic! Great post!

    • reika

      Thanks! Renacchi is cute, but I think her personality doesn’t show through like some other members.

      • Derek Vasconi

        So desu ne! Renacchi does have the looks but in AKB, it seems lately you need way more than looks to make it. So much competition for being noticed out of the hundreds of girls in AKB, and also a lot of times I see girls who are pretty not as important as other girls who may not be that pretty but have other great qualities, like their personalities or sense of humor, being more dominant about them. For me, these are the best kind of girls anyway. My oshi is Tani Marika… that should say it all lol.

  • Nguyễn Kim Giang


    • reika