AKB48 Coming of Age Day 2016 summary

48-Group members of aged 20 years or older celebrate Coming of Age Day. If you enjoy seeing cute girls in kimono, this is for you!

Coming of Age Day, or seijin no hi (成人の日), happens once a year in January, and it is meant to celebrate those who have reached 20 years of age in the past year.  In Japanese, it’s often considered the threshold into adult hate and happens to coincide with the legal drinking age!

Here’s a roundup of the overwhelming number of photos and media in the news about this year’s seijin members.

First, the night before.  There was a line and a few hundred wota already lining up outside of Kanda Myoujin (the temple where the event was going to take place).  That’s some dedication!

Twitter user @kaztsu shows us some really great pictures as day break set in, and the lines were more clearly defined and gated.

It seems there were 800 people, and they all did radio exercises together.  The cheering voices were crazy as members walked by.  Here’s a closer look at @kaztsu’s photos:





JIJI press posted the entire conference and summary video on youtube:

Some enterprising twitter users then eventually cropped out some of the individual member greetings:

Here are most of the photos in gallery format, gathered from various sources.  It’s quite a lot!

NGT48, even as new as they are, had three members also participate. The official NGT48 twitter has been pretty good about giving news about this new group. Here are greeting vids of the three NGT48 members:

One slightly related item: it appears Takeuchi Miyu was accidentally forgotten by management as they planned the Coming of Age Day press conference.  According to Twitter and Yahoo News:

In details from Yahoo news, it seems that the in the initial plans there was only 31 names (instead of 32).  But, luckily, they got her in after finding the mistake!

Did you oshimen come of age this year?

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