News Roundup #4: Coming of Age & Sashi Kita Kassen

A lot of members turned 20 years old in the past year, which is great if you love seeing members in kimono! Here’s a summary of recent AKB48 news and much more.

Anyway, there was never ending news about the Seijin members of AKB48.  Here’s one of the photos. I’ll share more details later, because there are a lot!

akb48 成人の日

Umeda Ayaka cut her hair recently.  It seems image changes are a hot thing for AKB members!


What do you think?

As you know, Fukagawa Mai recently announced her graduation.  In her commentary since then, she’s said that she’ll be participating in activities related to the next single, and will only be around until maybe June 2016.

One 2ch user expresses his disappointment, when he discovers that Nogizaka46’s Official Calendar has Fukagawa Mai… on the September cover:


How ironic!

The newest TV show feature the 48-groups debuted recently: HKT48 vs NGT48 SashiKita Kassen.  I just watched it yesterday, and found it pretty interesting:



What’s funny is that they tested the girls abilities to remember staff member’s name.  Honestly, I don’t remember the all the new girls’s names yet!  They also placed faked staff members to mix things up.

The most interesting part for me, was seeing the girls reactions to the old man versus a young, cool-looking guy.  Some fans might not like it, but I think it shows the member’s girly-normal side, which I like to see.

Cool good-looking Assistant Director shows up. He's fake though!
Cool good-looking Assistant Director shows up. He’s fake though!
All the girls freeze up!
All the girls freeze up!
No one likes the old man. lol.
No one likes the old man. lol.

Sasshi shows her strength as MC, though it might have been nice to have a 3rd party comedian act as host (like most of the other 48-group variety shows).

Sasshi reads 2ch forums.  Though I don’t think that’s new information!

At a Come of Age Day ceremony, the mayor of Aso city in Kumamoto Prefecture started singing AKB48’s song, “365 Nichi no Kami Hikouki”.


Heavy Rotation would have been more interesting, but good job Mr Mayor! You’re one of us!

Nogizaka 46 recently held a handshake event in Makuhari Messe convention center on January 11th, 2016.  It turns out it was extremely crowded and turned into a sea of wota! See for yourself:

makuhari messe

makuhari messe

Speaking of that particular handshake event, it seems members were also overly fatigued by the chase.  Kitano Hinako didn’t feel well, and had to leave during the event, unfortunately.


At a theater performance on January 10th, Kato Rena reveals something about her relationship with Kizaki Yuria — an episode of when they first met:

  • Renacchi: “When I first met Yuria-chan, I really hated her. Really, really hated.” (私ゆりあちゃんに出会った頃、本っ当にゆりあちゃんのことが嫌いでした。本当に嫌いだったんですよ)
  • Yuria: “But I didn’t do anything bad, right? How much did you hate me?” (でも悪いことしてないんだよ?だからどんくらい嫌いだった?そんな)
  • Renacchi: “I hated you more than I thought I would” (思っている以上に嫌い)
  • Yuria: “No, no, no, how much? Like if you were to compare me to a thing?” (いやいやどんくらいよ?モノで例えると何?)
  • Renacchi: “If you ask me that, I hated you as much as a cockroach” (どんくらいって言われるとゴキブリくらい).

Wow. Now I understand — I hate bugs too!

Takahashi Minami may have left her post as General Manager, but her postponed graduation has given us several more months with her! Tickets for her graduation concert recently went on sale, complete with dates and other details:

  • March 26, 2016: AKB48 Spring Concert
  • March 27th, afternoon: AKB48 Groups First Touzai Taikou Uta Gassen
  • Marchi 27th evening: Takahashi Minami’s Graduation Concert

Details were announced via AKB48’s official blog.

48-group and Nogizaka members exchange gifts, due to being in the same building for a handshake event:

Even if they are kind of official rivals, they’re still quite courteous!

If you pay attention recently, you’ll notice that Shimada Haruka, previously known for her plumpy character, has lost a lot of weight!  Here’s a before and after photo

Shimada Haruka: before!
Shimada Haruka: before!
Shimada Haruka: after!
Shimada Haruka: after!

As a result, she shares via Twitter:

Shimada: “Many people have asked her about dieting! That makes me happy.  So, I’ll be explaining the Shimada Diet Method, and the things I eat”

HKT48 Kenkyuusei,  Hokazono Hazuki, has a very…. interesting fashion sense!







I can’t wait until they call her to AKBingo’s fashion show!

Kojima Haruna and Anai Chihiro were featured in manga serial Young Magazine:


The Young Magazine Official Twitter feed also included off-shoot photos:

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