Ikoma Rina’s first photo book, due out next month

On the heels of Ikuta Erika’s first photo book release, fellow Nogizaka46 member, Ikoma Rina, is scheduled to release her first photo book on February 24, 2016.

The details are scarce (despite being on sale just next month!), but here is what is known so far:

  • The book is titled, “Kimi no ashiato”. The literal translation is, “Your footprints”
  • This is Ikoma Rina’s first photo book. Nogizaka 46 members are not known to be as well-photographed as 48-group members, indicative of the different management styles of each group. It seems Nogizaka46’s management is easing up recently though.
  • The photographer is Aoyama Yuki, and is relatively well-known for some of her more quirky photography work.
  • There will be 128 pages, and will feature Ikoma-chan in various states of “looking like a girl” (lol).
  • It will cost 1,700 yen.

Here are a few of the PR photos released so far:

ikoma rina kimi no ashiato 生駒里奈の写真集「君の足跡」-01

ikoma rina kimi no ashiato 生駒里奈の写真集「君の足跡」-02

ikoma rina kimi no ashiato 生駒里奈の写真集「君の足跡」-03

Author: reika

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