Minegishi Minami gets buff in new gym collaboration CM

Minegishi Minami puts on some muscle for a new commercial of Japanese private gym, RIZAP. What do you think of Mii-chan’s new body?

If you’re not familiar with RIZAP, it’s a relatively expensive private gym franchise in Japan, who are very well known for their commercials. Here’s a typical version:

Just like Mii-chan’s commercial, each features a before and after sequence of someone who supposedly has gone through the RIZAP exercise program.

Along with the heavy bass of it’s signature music, the commercials are quite well known among common Japanese. It’s not unusual to see Japanese comedians or variety show talent do a mock / satirical version of these commercials.

JIJIPress also has a making-of and behind the scenes version with Minegishi Minami:

Here are press photos, courtesy of Oricon News:

Author: reika

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  • Sam

    This scared me a bit ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

    • reika

      lol well don’t be too scared, it’s just Miichan! :))

      • Sam

        Yes, a very muscular one, a Miichan who can kick a lot of asses.