Paruru: I want to return to my true self

Shimazaki Haruka talks about her character change for 2016, during a recent episode of her regular TV show, Paruru no maru maru baito.

This was a rather small segment from the episode, but it left a few people wondering, as the statement was rather abrupt:


“I’ve been thinking about returning to my original self.”

Her co-host, Atsushi-san attempts to follow up and clarify. The general gist is that her “salty” character has been something that she feels the media has largely pushed. She describes the desire to show a better side of herself (something that can’t be made-up), in opposition to her usual salty image.

However, she doesn’t really describe what that might mean, as they return to another topic. What this ultimately means, I guess we’ll soon find out this next year.

Author: reika

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