Sayanee’s new photo book once again tops sales rank

Sayanee’s newest photobook, Minna no Yamamoto Sayaka, went on sale earlier this week to much fanfare, and quickly topped photo books in early January.

Sayanee’s previous photo sold very also, and this time appears to be not much different.

According to Oricon weekly sales rank for the week of January 1st to January 10th, 2016, Minna No Yamamoto Sayaka sold 14,000+ copies, enough to secure the #1 sales for the week, despite only being on sale the latter half of the week.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 10.24.56 PM

Minna No Yamamto Sayaka is a soft-cover photo book published by Yoshimoto Books, and went on sale on January 8th, 2016. Her previous photo book effort released early last year, went on to sales of about 99,000+ copies sold overall.

Author: reika

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  • Sam

    Sayanee has plenty of charisma and as a good osaka born, a wonderful sense of humor.
    Plus, she has a lot of sexiness in her body… that’s a hit. No surprise her photobook is top sale

    • reika

      Agree (^-^)v I wonder if her solo career will do well when she graduates.

  • Ayi Deviru

    A good result of non-gravure photo book that took by staffs, members, and fan (^o^)/

    • reika

      Yessss! It’s interesting concept and I hope it does well :))