Useless #34: Girly Kazumin, shy Okappa, Owada Mion, serious miki, Hentai Nana, monkey Yukirin

Here are some things not worth known about today. Discover the girly side of Takayama Kazumi, Takakura Moeka’s super shy face, Owada’s poor imitation of Mukaichi Mion, the perverted side of Okada Nana, and… I think it’s Kashiwagi Yuki…

Let’s try something uselessly new today: sections! Okay, here we go now.

Takayama Kazumi is, in fact, a girl

Otherwise known as Kazumin, Nogizaka46’s Takayama Kazumi is never really as “girly” as her fellow members – a fact often shown during her TV appearances on Nogibingo.

Despite that, Kazumin takes a moment to reveal the girly side of herself on 755:

She wants to do a staring contest with you! And then she goes back to her old self:

Here’s a lovely before and after:

Okappa’s shyness will beat you down

The last time we looked at Takakura Moeka in Useless News, it seems that she had a lot on her mind.  But it turns out that she is just shy!

There are no more words. Observe:



Owada Mion

Owada Nana standing around, but “Mukaichi” is written on her:


What’s going on here? I honestly don’t know! That’s what make it terribly useless!

Serious Miki vs Nana’s sleeping face

We’ve all seen Okada Nana’s wonderfully questionable sleeping face. And here’s yet another masterpiece:


It’s quite beautiful this time!  Nothing like these from before:

Okada Nana, sleeping face

Okada Nana, sleeping face

It seems that these pictures require a lot of effort to take! Watch how seriously Nishino Miki takes this photo:


Hentai Nana

Speaking of Okada Nana, she recently started taking photos of other members… in interesting poses:

iwatate saho


From behind… like a stalker!

But, honestly, we already knew Nana-chan was a pervert:

okada nana pervert

Monkey Yukirin


kashiwagi monkey

… sorry.


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  • Derek Vasconi

    My kami-oshi as a Monki? OMOSHIROI!!!!!

    • reika

      Honestly it seems a stretch but I thought its funny anyway :)))