News Roundup #5: way too much news edition

Often times I wonder how much I should limit these News Roundups.  There never seems to be enough space. Oh well!  Enjoy a mildly quick AKB48 news summary for the past few days. I will try to be concise (^_^)

An AKB48 Group official newspaper is released every month in Japan. The January Edition went on sale on January 15th, 2016. The theme was: “AKB48’s 11th Year Start!”. I don’t know why, but the cover was kind of funny — it features Yokoyama Yui point bold upward:

yokoyama yui akb newspaper

Oya Shizuka tells us a tiny story about Yui-han via Twitter:

  • Oya: “I’m going to the vending machine. Need anything?”
  • Yui-han: “I want you to buy that thing for me” (reaching for her wallet)
  • Oya: “It’s okay, I’ll pay for you”
  • Yui-han: “No, what I what is really expensive!”
  • Oya: Yes, it was expensive. 150 yen. 😀

Azuma Rion recently did a piano version of SKE48 single, Mae No Meri on her G+ page. It’s a little rough, but very excellent! Have a watch here:

Hulu Japan recently released a ranking showing the most watched TV shows (on its service) for 2015. Majisuka Gakuen 4 ranked in fifth place, and Majisuka Gakuen 5 reach the #2 position!

hulu japan ranking 2015

Okada Nana has interesting methods of relieving stress. On a recent episode of radio show Listen, Okada Nana mentions one of her methods. Here is a English translation of her answer:

“For relieving stress, I actually have two cell phones. One for work and one personal. So I send messages to myself. Yes. I write my thoughts and complaints! But maybe I shouldn’t have said that?” (私のストレス発散法は、私あのー携帯を2台持ちしていて、お仕事用の携帯とプライベート用のケータイがあるんですけど、だから自分自身にメールします。はい。あの、思ったこととかやっぱ人間て愚痴とか文句とかあると思うんですよ。でもやっぱりそれを表に出しちゃいけないじゃないですか)

“There’s also entrance exams. There are a lot of things I can’t say, right? I say those things to myself! Therefore, you should get two phones. Buy one more, and it creates another self. Send a message like: ‘Why do I have to study this car? AAHHHHH!’ And it makes you feel better, as if someone was listening to you.” (まあ、受験ね、つらいと思うんですけどなかなか言えなかったりするじゃないですか。それを自分自身にブチまけるんですよ。だから携帯もう1個買ってください。もう1個買って、もうひとりの自分に『どうしてこんな勉強しなきゃいけないんだ、ああだこうだこうだ』ってメールすると凄いスッキリするんですよ。誰かに聞いてもらえた感じがして)

“Therefore, that’s what I recommend – sending messages to yourself. That’s what I do. There are many things I don’t want to say to other members, or to my family. Like complaints about work. I throw all of that at myself. Yes. If I do that, I relieve my stress. ” (なので私のお勧めのストレス発散法はそれですかね、もうひとりの自分にメールするっていう。私自身よくやります。やっぱりメンバーとか家族にもなかなかそのー、言いたくないこともあるじゃないですか?お仕事のグチとかね?そういうのは全部、自分自身に投げつけます。うん。そうすることでストレス発散しています)

Here is the original radio program if you want to listen (this above clip about stress is at 12:20):

Atsugiri Jason is a foreign comedian in Japanese show business. He gained some popularity for his English gag, which involves yelling out: “Why, Japanese people, why?!!!” Usually he’ll make fun of some weird feature of Japanese language, or other situation, and then yell it out!

Why does this matter? Apparently, he is a fan of Nogizaka46’s Hori Miona, as they banter over 755, and Hori repeats his famous phrase:

堀 未央奈 (乃木坂46)(1日前)

why Japanese people


堀さん! ワタナベお笑いNo.1決定戦で誰を応援しますか?


I’m slightly ashamed to say that I watch 2chan almost constantly! Some 48-group members also do so as well. In a recent episode of All Night Nippon, Iwasa Misaki and Miyazaki Miho talk a little bit about their experience with 2ch:

  • Iwasa: “Everytime I appear on ANN, I’m usually looking at 2ch live boards. The voice of the net is pretty harsh”
  • Miyazaki: “Like what? I don’t read 2ch.”
  • Iwasa: “Today, this member was left out to try. Stuff like that. Or like, those three slept together. But also, predictions on who’s making a comeback, and stuff.”
  • Miyazaki: “Yeah, but there’s like 3000 responses, and there’s just one like that, or something”
  • Iwasa: “No, no, no, there aren’t 3000 responses. During our time, the thread doesn’t really take off…”

You can listen to the ANN episode here (the 2ch conversion begins around 19:30):

Nagao Maria gives us a close-up of herself without makeup:

As you expect, she’s still beautiful!

Here’s an off-shot of Tomonaga Mio, as she is scheduled to appear in EX Taishu’s February 2016 issue. It goes on sale January 15th, 2016.

NMB48’s Jonishi Kei also appears in the same issue!

Oshima Yuko posts a single image on her instagram, mentioning the shoot for AKB48’s 43rd single:

No other details. But… it’s… very black!

Shiraishi Mai appears in a special edition of Larme (March, 2016 edition):

shiraishi mai larme

Edit: sorry for confusion; Watanabe Miyuki is on the cover, Shiraiashi Mai appears in the issue’s contents:

Thanks RAWmangaSpoiler for the catch.

NGT48’s theater has debuted recently, and they had their first birthday celebration! Congratulations to Kato Minami. She turned 17 years old on January 15th, 2016!

A lot of great photos and videos of the event were provided via the NGT48 official twitter feed:

NGT48 Kato Minami Birthday 03

NGT48 Kato Minami Birthday 02

NGT48 Kato Minami Birthday 01

NGT48 Kato Minami Birthday 04

I will stop here for now 🙂

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