Former SKE48 Goudo Saki’s sister passes away at 25 years old

What started out as a confusing message on 755 by Akimoto Yasushi, turns out to be a much deeper story about tragedy, loss, and the power of music.

The story unfolds mainly over social networking service 755, when Akimoto Yasushi puts out the following message:

akimoto yasushi 755 goudo saki message

Translation as follows:

To Goudo Saki,

“Rather than overcoming that distance,
how it flew,
where it flew,
that’s the most important thing.”

Ee-chan, I dedicate “365 Nichi no Kami Hikouki” to you.

-Akimoto Yasushi

These are familiar lyrics from the song “365 Nichi no kami hikouki”. This made a few people understandably confused, as there is no context for this message, other than it mentions Goudo Saki and Someone named “Ee-chan”.

A few days later, SKE48 Manager Yuasa Hiroshi provides a little more context in a follow up message:

yuasa hiroshi 755 goudo saki message

Translation as follows:

After Godo graduated, she sent us a letter.

The contents were mainly about expressing her thanks during her time in SKE. But there was something else. Last year, Godo’s older sister had died at the young age of 25. Her sister, while she was fighting illness, would always look forward to watching, “Asa ga kita”, and would hum along to “365 Nichi no kami hikouki”.

Gouda thanked Akimoto-sensei, saying that her sister was saved by “365 Nichi no kami hikouki” and that her sister didn’t give up hope even until the very end. This was the letter that I handed to Akimoto-sensei.

The other day, Akimoto-sensei wrote that message on 755. When I saw it, I started crying. I told Goudo that Akimoto-sensei had sent her a message on 755. She very happily expressed her thanks.

I thought to myself: the power of song is incredible.

I pray for Goudo’s older sister happiness in the next life.

Yamamoto Sayaka, lead vocalist for the song, also expressed her condolences:

yamamoto sayaka 755 goudo saki message

Translation as follows:

In places we can’t see, we become someone’s strength.

Turning into hope, even just a little, we can save someone.

But even if we wish it were, it doesn’t easily become so.

Thank you for finding meaning in the songs that we sing.

I pray for your sister’s happiness in the next life.

And I also hope for your family’s happiness.


Author: reika

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  • Derek Vasconi

    Wow… there are no words. I literally have tears in my eyes. My condolences to Goudo Saki and her family.

    • reika

      Honestly is a great pity. 25 is much too young (T-T)