Mastui Rena to appear regularly of Fuji TV drama, “Fragile”

Mastui Rena is scheduled for a regular part in Fuji TV drama, “Fragile” after the third episode. She plays the part of a cunningly and “slightly evil” office worker.

Rena is joined by co-start Tomoya Nagase, who she supposedly antagonizes as she plays the part of a “slightly evil” character that is part of a pharmaceutical company. She’s scheduled to appear after episode three, which airs on January 26th, 2016.

The character she plays is named Hibako Naomi, who’s job it is to sell information about drugs to health care providers, in addition to doing whatever it takes to secure licenses / permissions for said drugs.

Her “slightly evil” attribution is part of Fuji TV’s plan to portray her as a character in a gray area: you can’t tell whether what she’s doing is good or bad. The story itself is based on a manga series of the same name.

Here’s a reference image from the manga for Rena’s character:

Accordingly, some promo images of her appearance in the live-action series:

Mastui Rena Fragile 松井玲奈 フラジャイル-02

Mastui Rena Fragile 松井玲奈 フラジャイル-03

Mastui Rena Fragile 松井玲奈 フラジャイル-04

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