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Useless #35: HKT’s butts, Kim Yui, familiar faces, Yukirin Hunter and spilt Milky

There is nothing here that needs knowing, but I will write it away! Let’s learn about HKT’s year end staff, Yokoyama Yui’s familiar pose, member’s familiar faces, Milky get spilled, and Mayu wondering about Yukirin’s whereabouts. Here we go!

We can’t blame HKT48 staff for just looking, can we?!

HKT48 staff are tirelessly working on new year’s party activities, but this picture was taken at the exact wrong (or right?!) moment:

HKT48 Staff Butt Stares

I would probably stare too!

That pose looks a little familiar

It’s wrong, but I chuckled a little:

yokoyama yui familiar pose

These types of comparisons are inevitable coming from the dark depths of the Japanese internet!

These faces look familiar too

Speaking of similar looking things, one can’t help but feel that Takahashi Juri and Kondo Rina have familiar faces too:

kondo rina cat

takahashi juri fish

Kojimako also looked familiar too:

kojimako beaver

Why do we enjoy seeing idols get scared?

I am not sure, but I can’t get tired of watching Watanabe Miyuki!


Yukirin is most likely doing something

Watanabe Mayu asks all the important questions.  On Twitter, she puts out the following poll: “What could Yukirin possibly be doing right now?”

  • Answer one: “Monster Hunter”
  • Answer two: “Monster Hunter”

It’s tough to figure out, but Yukirin is probably playing Monster Hunter right now!


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  • Derek Vasconi

    Milky’s reaction was priceless! That was too funny! And the animal comparisons are way too good. Nice one!

    • reika

      I think there are many more face comparisons, but these are ones I just saw recently :))

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    i love troll mayuyu’s poll XD

  • Isaias Rodriguez

    when I saw the first picture the “baby got back” song started playing in my head :3