ikuta erika 生田絵梨花

2nd poster from Ikuta Erika’s Photobook distributed in 4 pieces

Ikuta Erika’s new photo book went on sale recently with an included poster.  Gather four of these posters and reveal 2nd secret poster!

Is this the latest in a new money making scheme to latch onto the most hardcore of wota?!

Posters included with Ikuta Erika’s photo book were your typical faire, but turned out to be 2 sided.  While one side contained a regular sized poster, the other side contained one piece of a massive mega-poster! It seems that four posters of each type are needed to complete it.

Which incidentally means buying four copies of the same book.  Sounds like something you recognize? If you’ve ever bought an AKB48 or Nogizaka46 CD, this should sound pretty familiar; 48-group CDs these days pretty much always come in four versions (in addition to regular vs special editions).  However, unlike the CDs, the poster piece included in Erika’s photo book is random, so you’re not guaranteed to have all four pieces if you buy four books.  Oh my.

Japanese netizens on 2ch reveal some of their incomplete sets.  Here, one user has apparently purchases three copies, and already has a duplicate:


Some of the comments from the 2ch thread:

  • It’s either Iku-chan’s arm or her face(´・ω・`)
  • They’re really sticking it to the customers.
  • If you’re really unlucky, you’ll have to buy a whole lot, haha.
  • If this sells, next time it will be six pieces!
  • Please give me her bottom half
  • Alright! Time to aim for a complete set. I’m going to buy so many.
  • Didn’t Sakura also do something similar, like a DVD subscription ticket?
  • I’m buying until I get all of them.
  • I’ll say one thing, Iku-chan is innocent.

Another user with two copies show his incomplete set as well:




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