AKB ShortShorts short film series preview release

A preview of a series of short films featuring AKB48 was released recently.  The film  is appropriately named “AKB ShortShorts”, and will have 9 short features in one film.  Are you confused yet? Read on!

This was originally announced a few months ago, I think; a new preview trailer was released for a limited “special web version”.  Each short film spans a variety of genres, and will be ten minutes each.  Here is the trailer:

In case you missed it, here are the names of each short film, and the starring member:

  • Kaiso Densha” (Reminiscing Train), Miayazawa Sae
  • O-denwa arigatou gozaimsu” (Thanks for the call), Kitahara Rie
  • Saori“, Nakanishi Chiyori
  • Akai-to” (Red String), Mogi Shinobu
  • Gyosen no hikari” (Fishing Boat Light), Yokoyama Yui
  • Senkyaku ari” (Preceding Visitor), Iriyama Anna
  • candy“, Kizaki Yuria
  • Dark Lake“, Kodama Haruka
  • Les mieux tech“, Ego Yuna


Author: reika

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  • Jack

    I love it when members do shorts/dramas!

    • reika

      Me too!! It’s interesting to see a different side.