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AKB48 & Nogizaka46 Tunes to be used in Tokyo Metro Rail stations

Tokyo Metro announces that they will play tunes inspired by AKB48 and Nogizaka46 for train departures!

If you’ve never been in a Japanese train station, each time a train departs, a very distinct often plays.  These jingles tend to be pretty short (about 2-3 seconds), but are unique to each train station.  Here is a youtube video demonstrating many of the jingles for train stations on Japan Rail in eastern Japan:

From June to September, 2015, Tokyo Metro placed a survey on their home page, asking customs which songs they would like for new melodies.  After the campaign, 10,000 requests were received for about 200 songs.  Of those, they compiled the top three most requested songs + stations requested — here are the results:

  • Hibiya Line, Akihabara Station: Koi suru Fortune Cookie (AKB48)
  • Hibiya Line, Ginza Station: Ginza no Koi no Monotgatari (Ishihara Yujira & Masamura Junko)
  • Chiyoda Line, Nogizaka Station: Kimi no na wa Kibo (Nogizaka46)

(If you’re curious about the 2nd entry, it is an classic enka song from the 1960s)

The most requested song was Nogizaka46’s, “Kimi no na wa kibou”, with 6,400 requests (out of 10,000).  Apparently, Tokyo Metro collaborated with Ikuta Erika, and have already recorded a phrase that she has played for them.

So if you’re ever in Tokyo, enjoy the tunes of your favorite idols as you board the train!

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