News Roundup #7: Ikuta Erika everywhere edition

It seems like Iku-chan is everywhere I see these days! Anyways, please enjoy some minor AKB48 news from recent days.

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Is this an NGT48 popularity poll?

Japanese net users are always trying to find a way to “prove” popularity or downfall of idols. Today, comes another unofficial ranking: the used buy-sell price of second hand photos.

As you may know, there’s a huge second hand market for idol photos. One 2ch user ranks the prices of NGT48 Theater Special photos. Here are the results (prices shown in Japanese yen):

  1. Kashiwagi Yuki: 6,500円
  2. Nakai Rika: 4,800円
  3. Ogino Yuka: 3,800円
  4. Nishigata Marina 3,800円
  5. Kato Mina: 3,800円
  6. Kitahara RIe: 3,000円
  7. Murakumo Fuuka: 2,500円
  8. Tano Ayaka: 2,500円
  9. Oguma Tsugumi: 1,800円
  10. Miyajima Aya: 1,500円

Not exactly the most scientific, but one can never be too sure how to measure popularity.

Did something happen to Akimoto Yasushi recently?

He’s gotten a lot skinner:


He has some appetite at least!

AKB48 to appear on Music Station for January 29th, 2016

They weren’t on last week, so it made rumbles on the Japanese internet!


Official Rivals?

Nakada Nana and Nagao Mariya posed for a photo together:

Watanabe Mayu, actress reborn!

Mayuyu appears in a recent TV drama called Oooku, and she seems to be involved with kiss scenes a lot.


AKB48 Downgraded appearance at Thai-Japan Expo 2016

On August 29th, 2015, the members that were going to participate in Thailand’s Japan Expo were decided: Kojima Natsuki, Kojima Mako, Tano Yuka, Kawamoto Saya, Takahashi Juri, Nozawa Rena, Hirata Rina, Okada Nana, Nishino Miki, Mukaichi Mion, Ota Nao, Yamada Nanami.

However, due to circumstances, the guest list has been changed pretty drastically: Shimada Haruka, Suzuki Mariya, Yokoshima Aeri, Izuta Rina, Nozaawa Rena.

thai japan expo 2016

That’s quite a change!

Niigata and Hakata are so far apart…

Tashima Meru appears with NGT48’s Yamada Noe. According to Google Plus, they were in proximity due to recordings of TV show Sasshi Kita Gassen.

AKB48 9th generation members in Japanese Office Lady outfits

Friends for our lonely OL-chan!?

akb48 9th generation office ladies

Shinobu misspells Nagao Mariya’s name

From Kayano Shinobu’s 755 account, she spells it as “Maria”, which is pretty similar!









Sashihara Rino reaches 1,000,000 Twitter followers

For some reason, I thought she already had many more!

sashihara rino 1,000,000 followers

Hata Sawako’s profile disappears from agency website

As we last saw, Hata Sawako has been doing voice work.

Japanese talent agencies usually post profiles of the celebrities they manage on their website. Lately, it seems that Sata’s name has disappeared from her reported agency! One can only assume she no longer has ties with the agency.

Former URL of her profile (it’s empty!)

Cached version, where it clearly shows her profile.

She’s still relatively active on her (official / unofficial?) Twitter account, so perhaps she’s still working?

Ikuta Erika posts on 755 after 145 days

It is also Ikuta Erika’s 19th birthday!

Akimoto Manatsu shows herself with a copy of Ikuta’s new photo book (also, apologizing that she only bought one copy, instead of five):

生田 絵梨花(1日前)




Ikuta replies (with a sideways video), simply thanking her, and mentioning her 19th birthday again:

生田 絵梨花(1日前)




Sasshi’s favorite hobby? Arguing with fans on Twitter

In a side interview with TV Asashi about her appearance on Adrenaline no Yoru, Sasshi is asked about what her favorite pastime activity. She answers by saying that, up until recently, she enjoyed arguing with fans on Twitter.

Video for reference (around 1:20):

Yamamoto Sayaka wearing different swimsuits

On a recent episode of radio show All Night Nippon, Yamamoto Sayaka talks briefly about her various gravure shoots.

One detail she mentions: sometime’s she’ll go to a photography session, and the swimsuit she’s asked to wear is sometimes different than what she’s told before. Sneaky!!

Nagao Mariya enjoys a lonely meal before her graduation concert

It actually seems kind of sad: Mariyagi mentions on Twitter about how she went out to eat sushi by herself. Perhaps not so unusually, but it was also the night before her graduation concert:

Shiraishi Mai to appear on Japanese TV show Mechaike

Maiyan will appear on the January 30th broadcast Mechaike!

shiraishi mai mechaike

Kawaei Rina’s Photo and Essay book “Korekara”, now on sale

Small details were already released, and Rina also revealed some more photos on her Twitter feed:

Blu-ray & DVD of Maeda Atsuko’s drama, Dokonjo Gaeru, now on sale

Television ratings were not so excellent for Dokonjo Gaeru, but it still made a DVD / Blu-ray which went on sale on January 20th, 2016. Here’s the cover art:

maeda atsuko dokonjo gaeru

Ikuta Erika stars in new musical, “Niji no Prelude”

The musical will be broadcast on BS Sukappa on February 27th, 2016. Here are some of the promotional images:

ikuta erika musical niji no prelude-01

ikuta erika musical niji no prelude-02

Good night for now!

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  • Bloodforge

    Typo, should be Nakada Kana not Nana.

    • reika

      Updated! :))

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    1 million is quite the achievement. I bet Sasshi has tons of haters to respond to though.

    • reika

      It’s her hobby I guess, so it suits her fine lol :))

  • Qwink

    Regarding the apparent downgrade of the line up at the Thai Japan Expo.
    Kojima Natsuki, Kojima Mako, Tano Yuka, Kawamoto Saya, Takahashi Juri,
    Nozawa Rena, Hirata Rina, Okada Nana, Nishino Miki, Mukaichi Mion, Ota
    Nao, Yamada Nanami were the line up for 2015. However because of a bombing close to the event a few days earlier the event was postponed and none of the AKB members made an appearance.
    This year the line up is quite smaller indeed.

    • reika

      Okay! Thanks for clarity :))

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    i wonder what the office lady outfits by 9th gen is about? probly a new MV consisting of 9th gen? 😀