hkt48 theater yahoo auction dome snow

Enjoy the snow in Hakata

Fellow Japanese wota takes photos of our beloved HKT48 Theater and its environs. Is there anything of note? Yes. Yes there is: it is very cold in Fukuoka these days.

This particularly blows my mind, as I have not witnessed a winter quite as cold as this one (in this location at least). Here are some photos and videos of the terrible weather, juxtaposed with something we all know and love: the HKT48 Theater.

All photos and videos are courtesy of internet user, “AKB48 Memorist“.

For the uninformed, the HKT48 Theater is located in the Hawks Town Mall. Here’s a closeup of an intersection nearby:

hawks town mall intersection

You might also recognize the following location:

hkt48 theater yahoo auction dome snow

This is the street where Koi sure fortune cookie was filmed, albeit covered in snow. Here’s a screen shot from the video in roughly the same location (the Yahoo Auction Dome is in the background for reference):

koi suru fortune cookie

As Mr. Memorist notes, the front doors of the theater are the same as always:

hkt48 theater front view

… with the exception that the escalators being turned off due to snow:

hkt48 theater escalator snow

Some video of it snowing on the side of the building (note the HKT48 logo for reference!):

Author: yuki

  • Jack

    It’s quite crazy. My hometown in Southern China is snowing! It hasn’t snowed there in 15 years!