Useless #37: Shimazaki nanase, Kylo Miorin, old man pocky and more

This post is not as useless as always. It is filled with scientific knowledge and research! Or maybe there is none of that. You won’t know until you see it, right? Today, please enjoy the following: Nishino Nanase’s cosplay, Ichikawa Miori Star Wars crossover debut, NMB48’s Mita Mao gets her mouth stuffed, Taniguchi Megu in your face, and Owada Miyazaki Nana Miho. *whew* What a mouthful. Read on!!

Nishino Nanase’s latest cosplay revealed

What does she dress as? The answer is Paruru! Here you go:

For reference:


It is very excellent cosplay!

Ichikawa Miori confirmed for Star Wars debut?

It’s not secret that it’s quite cold in Japan these days. Ichikawa Miori takes steps to combat the cold by dressing appropriately:

“It’s all the snow’s fault.”

So she claims! What this really is, is basically a confirmation for her appearance in the next Star Wars movie:

ichikawa miori star wars

We’ve already seen leaked movie images of the Jedi Kami 7:

jedi kami 7

It must be real, since Mayuyu would obviously never give in to the Dark Side.

Or this could all be fake. Who knows.


Understandly, this will the last time for members to “grab” onto Mariyagi before she graduates:

NMB48’s Mita Mao gets a mouthful

We’ve all heard of the ever popular pocky game, where in two people begging eating one Pocky stick from each end. When two girls play pocky game, it’s cute. When an middle-aged man is involved, it’s probably harassment.

Also, I just notice there is no pocky here (oh well):

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Oh, Mao-kyun. I can feel your purity slipping away.

Itano runs, because I would too

A surprise special guest appears to greet Itano Tomomi, as she does some PR to promote her movie “Nozikime” and celebrate AKB48’s 10 year event. Here’s a video from JIJIpress:

Even in retirement, she still seems an idol sometimes!


taniguchi megu

In my mind, she is saying, “You stink!”

Quiz time!

Okay, who is this?


Two choices: (1) a slightly plump Owada Nana, or (2) Miyazaki Miho on a bad day?

I guess we’ll never know!


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  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    the owada question time cracked me up lmao

    • reika

      This picture just seems like a perfect coincidence, lol. Nanya looks different from her past, but I guess you can say that for a lot of members too.

  • Derek Vasconi

    I cracked up way too much at this post! Loved Fresh Lemon being bundled up like she was! And the close up of Megu was great! Tomochin is still amazing, as always, and of course, it wouldn’t be useless news without some boobage, right? Seriously awesome roundup!

    • yuki

      I am glad to see that bringing the boobage is appreciated hahahaha

      • Derek Vasconi

        lol… yeah, J-boobage is the best boobage ever! Especially when it’s from the girls I adore the most on this earth! They are all so awesome it’s too much for my puny little man-brain to comprehend 🙂

      • reika


    • reika

      lol well thanks :))) AKB’s members seem much occupied with oppai lol.

  • Kevin Trejo

    Dude ! that question blew my mind. But of course its Nanya,.. right?

    • reika

      Oh I don’t know. Is it Nanya? It’s difficult to know for sure, lol :))